How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers

How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click BombersAs I was browsing some adsense tips on the net, an article about "how his adsense account get banned" caught my attention. I read his story and asked if he honestly do some illegal activities on his adsense account and he said "no", and I believe him because he blogs about SEO. If you are blogging for that niche, I am pretty sure you are aware of Google Adsense policy. He said that his click has dramatically increased more than a 100% in the past days, and its because of click bombers, someone was probably sabotaging his adsense account.

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What is click bombing?

Click bombing is simply having your adsense account too much click, it could double or triple depending on the malicious user who wants to sabotage your account. These people will usually click on the same ads for more than 10 times in just a minute. If you have a low traffic blog, getting your adsense account banned is easy for these click bombers.

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This could happen to anyone, so we must pay attention to our adsense accounts and check for malicious activities or having too much click. To some, they suspect rivals or competitors are the one doing this kind of malicious activities. They want you to go down. As a website grow bigger and so is the rise of haters, spammers, and of course the terrorists of Google Adsense "the click bombers".

The truth is, I fear on this and I don't want it to happen to me or to you. But there are preventive measures to protect your adsense account from being sabotaged.

What to do if I suspect Click bombing?

If you happen to suspect someone is trying to do some click bombing the first thing you should do is contact Google immediately and fill up the invalid contact form. This will help them recognize your account is being maliciously being sabotaged and letting them know that you do not know where the illegal clicks came from.

Besides letting Google know, there are also other ways to prevent click bombing. Here are some:
  • Google Analytics. This is a very important tool for webmasters because you can trace where your visitors came from and what activity they are doing. Use this tool to find IP address of illegal clickers and ban them immediately.
  • Don't apply Adsense for low traffic blogs. This is one of the best way to avoid click bombers. High traffic sites usually makes a lot of money from adsense, that is why click bombers will not really affect their account because they are used to having tons of clicks. If your blog has low traffic yet it has tons of clicks it could easily get banned.
  • Use plugins for wordpress. One of the biggest advantage of word press is having tons of useful  plugins and one of them is who sees ads plugin, use it to prevent someone from accessing your site. There maybe new and more updated version of this plugin, just search I am sure you can find one.
  • Be careful with 3rd party traffic. I have been using 3rd party traffic generation site before and it help a bit wit improving my traffic. But beware, malicious clickers sometimes lurks on these sites. 
  • Don't tell anyone about your ads. I have read a story about a blogger who got banned because his sister wanted to help him make money from adsense, unaware his sister was actually "click bombing" and because of that he lost his account. It may be a sweet thing someone wanted and trying to help you make money but believe me, they could do much worse. The moral lesson here, don't tell anyone about your ads.

My Final thoughts

Despite measures to prevent this I still fear that one day Google might email me something about my Adsense account getting banned. If that happens I am quite sure click bombers are behind it. 

Getting your adsense accounts banned could happen to anyone, that is why you need to fully understand Google's policies on adsense. And the most important thing is always be aware of your account and keep track of it so that if there is something wrong you can immediately fix it.

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Adsense is still my favorite ways to make money online, but its also scary that one day you could loose all your earnings all of a sudden. That is why you should search for adsense alternatives, they may not pay you as big but it could still help you make money blogging.

Did I miss something?

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How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger

How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger
Experimenting and analyzing where to put your Adsense ads is necessary for you to know where your visitors click on the ads. So today I will share another adsense placement tips. This time we will put your ads on where most readers focuses their eyes, in the middle of your post.

With this ad placement it could increase your Adsense earnings and make more money blogging. If you are having a low CTR on adsense, I suggest you try putting ads in the middle of your blogger post.

The instructions are easy, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to Blogger account

2. Template > edit HTML and open template editor

3. Look for the <data:post.body/> tag

Note: Some blogs who uses the "automatic read more" function could have more than two of these, I suggest you try them each and always back up your template before tweaking any template.

4. After looking for that tag, replace it with the code below.

<div expr:id='&quot;aim1&quot; +'/>
<div style='clear:both; margin:10px 0'>


<div expr:id='&quot;aim2&quot; +'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var obj0=document.getElementById(&quot;aim1<>&quot;);var obj1=document.getElementById(&quot;aim2<>&quot;);var s=obj1.innerHTML;var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);var r=t.lastIndexOf(&quot;&quot;);if(r&gt;0){obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1)}
5.  Go to your adsense account and create your desired ad size. After customizing it parse the html using this HTML parser.

6. Replace YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE with your parsed HTML code.

7. Save template.

You are DONE!

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Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

One of the hardest part of being a niche blogger is targeting the right people and audience. By having the right audience you gain more traffic with like minded readers. It has also an advantage of making huge sales through affiliate marketing.

When we promote our brand we usually go to social networking sites like facebook or twitter, it may be the best way to do it, but targeting the right people is tough because it is a site for all.

So now you want to find a network of people having the same interest as you.

Then look no more, I have some of the top lists of social networking sites for niche blogger. This will come handy for meeting and networking with people who shares the same interest as you. So here we go:

For Food Bloggers/Cooking

A place for learning cooking and recipes. Video tutorials are also available

A food related social networking site. The site has lots of recipes in various categories.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

Another site for the food lover. It has anything about food in it. 

A new site for anything food. Joining is easy you can even use your facebook or twitter account.

A site for Book lovers

Started in 2007, good reads is a social networking sites for book lovers. It has a feature that shows what books you like depending on what you read on the past.

If you are looking for social networking sites for novels and stories, then I suggest wattpad. You can read or share stories to its millions of subscribers.

Wattpad Share Stories And Novels

A book catalog service for book lovers. You can also import books from amazon to other book services sites to libray thing.

Discover new books to read or read others with this site.

Social network sites for Travel bloggers

One of the biggest sites for travel bloggers with over 21 million subscribers and more. Just type the city you want and it will show infos, pictures and reviews.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

Connect with other travelers around the world. The site has also been featured to top magazines like TIME and Nat Geo.

This site is a social networking sites for finding and meeting other travelers.

A travel community and forum site for people who loves to travel. You can also create your own map here to help you backpacking.

An alternative sites for backpacking and travel.

Art and Design

Deviant ART
This is one of the most popular social networking site in the world. It has more than 24 million members and 65 million visits each month. Artists can showcase, share or promote their artwork to its community.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

A site for people who love photography, art design, graphic design, fashion and web design. You can also look for design related jobs on this site.

Art Break
This is a really cool site for artists who want to buy or sell their art work.

For Music bloggers

Sound Cloud
Record and share your music to the sound cloud community.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers
A music community for people  who loves music. It lets you record the music you play and recommends a music according to your taste.

Reverb Nation
A great site for musician and artists. You can also search an artist near your city. Its also a great networking site for independent musicians.

Pure Volume
Connect your band to other by sharing your music.

Create a playlist and feature it on your facebook profile.

Environmental blogger

With more than 22 million members, care2 is the most popular and biggest environment, human rights, and green living social networking site.

The social network for sustainability explores jobs, blog, opportunities and more.

For Good looking bloggers

Beautiful People
If you are good looking like me, hehe, just kidding, you can join and meet a lot of good looking people here. But there is a catch, you must be good looking too. If not, they will reject your application. It is also called an elite social networking sites, because only the good looking and rich is allowed to enter.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

For Bloggers
If you want to meet, share and learn from other bloggers, I suggest you join this social networking site. It has millions of bloggers from pro to beginners. You can also post for tips or if you would like someone to help you.

This is where the "masters" of blogging usually hangs out. This community is really helpful in learning, sharing and getting traffic for bloggers.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

[source: HowKickBlogger]

That's the most of it!

If you happen to know more you can share it to me.


Useful Tools for Bloggers

Useful Tools for BloggersWhen we repair or customize something there is always a handy tool that will make our work easier.

So, here at bloggerpreneur we would like to be that tool to help you optimize your website easier. Besides from the tips and tricks we offer, I will share some tools that I personally use to optimize my blog site.

Check them out! its free and easy to use.

HTML Parser

HTML Parser is a Java library used to parse HTML in either a linear or nested fashion. Primarily used for transformation or extraction, it features filters, visitors, custom tags and easy to use JavaBeans. It is a fast, robust and well tested package.

Check our HTML parser Tool

Hex Color Scheme Generator and CSS Color Chart

This tool is useful for creating your own color scheme. An example is #FFFFFF which is white and #000000 is black 

Use the tool HERE

CSS Optimizer

Optimization is very important to any website, mainly because search engines like Google loves highly optimized fast loading sites. So, we have here a tool that can compress CSS for your Blog.

Use the tool HERE

Page Rank Checker

Checking your websites pagerank is very important because it determines how important your website is. Another advantage of websites having high page rank is the opportunity to make money from advertisers. Usually merchants and business owner advertises on high ranking sites, so you should check your page rank occasionally.

Use the tool HERE

Character Counter Tool

When you are going to write an article or meta description, you should make it sure it's within the required limit so you could attract more traffic to your site. By using this simple tool you can count how many character you made so far.

Use the tool HERE

If you liked it, kindly share to others so that we can help more.


Exchange and Trade Anything with Coinsumer

Promoting on Social Networking sites is probably the most effective way to introduce your business or products to many people online. In this tech savvy world, its where people usually hang out or interact these days. And if you want a lot of traffic we usually go to sites like Facebook, Twitter and G+.

Adding your presence to these social bookmarking sites is easy, but the problem is how to get traffic.

If you want to increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers and more, you should try social media exchange site Coinsumer, it is free and cool.

Social Media Exchange and Trading Hybrid

I have stumbled to many social media exchange site like this one before. In fact, I have 3 accounts on different sites, but I liked this one because it has more than just traffic exchange.

what? you don't know what it is.

To make things simple, social media exchanges are sites that offers the service of exchanging, facebook likes, twitter followers, Google plus "+", Digg, Linked In etc. The catch on this sites like this one is very simple, you just like someone's site or fan page then you earn coins which you can use to increase your own fan page likes. 

Its like you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.

Exchange and Trade Anything with Coinsumer
A sample of its interface

There is more than that!

Besides the social media exchange service it offers, in coinsumer you can earn more  by trading, selling, buying, and completing offers, they even have a slot machine. 

Got an old stuff you would like to sell? you can do it here. Selling stuff you don't need is one of the fastest way to earn more coins.

If you have many coins you can buy stuff you want like smartphones or tablets. Coinsumer also has a referral program that if you refer someone who turns cash into coins, you will get a 25% commission on the purchase, unlike other sites that only offer 15%. but only if the referral remains active.

What I like about Coinsumer

There are things I like about coinsumer that separates it from other social media exchange sites, its because of its friendly user interface, ads free, and a forum.  I have mentioned a forum because most scam sites doesn't have a forum or an active customer support. With coinsumer, you can interact with the admin anytime you want on the site's forum.

Note: If you sign up using my invitation code you will receive a free 200 coins.

My invitation code is: Dustzilla_471

How I made $500 in one day through Adsense

Do you want to learn how I made $500 through Adsense in one day?


Sorry, but not today

Got yah! :-P

The title I used above is probably one of the most clicked topic on blogging and I think its the reason why you are here reading this article. Like most people, we wanted to learn the secrets on how to make money fast and easy. The title "how I made $500 in one day" is really interesting.

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I will probably disappoint you on this one, but the title is "fake" and I am not here to talk about how I made $500 in just one day through Adsense.

To tell you frankly, I am here to show you a strategy on how Internet Marketers or "make money" blogs attract readers and make them comeback or encourage them to purchase their products.

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You probably had stumbled on some of these sites that posts their Adsense earnings to its visitors which is I think a nice way to gain authority to your readers.

But what if it is fake?

Can you fake an Adsense earnings proof?


The image shown below is a sample of fake Adsense earnings. If you like, you can create your very own through this link.

How I made $500 in one day through Adsense

I am not saying that it is impossible to earn $500 in one day, in fact there are many pro bloggers earns more or less than $1000 per day. But these people who made a fortune blogging has invested a lot of effort, learning, time, money and commitment to their work.

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Blogging is NOT easy, and there is no shortcut to success.

Don't fall for "make money fast" sites, especially if it offers a software for generating fast money through Adsense. These kind of sites are a scam and a waste of time.

Last though

Google's Adsense is not a get rich overnight program, it is just one of the many ways on how to make money online. Success on this Advertising program depends highly on these two factors.

1. Nice

2. Traffic

If your blogging niche is one of the most profitable topics with a huge amount of traffic, then probably or finally you can make $500 or more!

Did I fool you? :-P

Show Post Title Only on Homepage for Blogger

One of the things I liked figuring out when it comes to blog design is make everything easy for my visitors to navigate and browse my blogs. So now I will share a simple yet cool trick for blogger, its about showing post title only on homepage for the blogger blogging platform.

This trick is really cool if you blog about more about writing and you use less image for your blog. I implemented this trick on this blog because I want to focus more on writing and not looking and creating images that will fit with my blog post.

So lets start this trick shall we

Show post title only on homepage

1. Go to your account > select a blog > go to layout > edit HTML

2. Use control+F and look for the </head> tag.

3. After looking for the above tag, kindly paste the codes below just above it.

<style type='text/css'>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>

.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:0px dotted $bordercolor;
.post h3 {
margin:.25em 0 0;
padding:0 0 4px;
font-family:Tahoma,Georgia,Century gothic,Arial,sans-serif;

.post h3 a, .post h3 a:visited, .post h3 strong {

.post h3 strong, .post h3 a:hover {color:#333333;}

.post-body {display:none;}
.post-footer {display:none;}
.comment-link {display:none;}
.post img {display:none;}
.post blockquote {display:none;}
.post blockquote p {display:none;} {display:none;}
.post-labels {display:none;}
.post-rating {display:none;}



4. Save your template

5. If you like to add more blog post on your homepage, just go to > layout > blog post section and enter the number value on the "number of post on main page" of your choice then save.


  • *If you want to change the default font color just change the value of  000000. You can also change the color of the hover effect by replacing 333333. If you have trouble with hex colors check out my blog tools.

You are all done! with this trick you can show a lot of posts on the main page which will help expose more of your articles.

Do you liked it?

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Inspiring Quotes from Famous Entrepreneurs

Are you tired chasing your dreams?, is everything not going your way? if so then relax and take a breather. Success doesn't happen overnight , next week or a couple of years. Henry Sy the richest man in the Philippines has once said that his success happened half a decade later. Being motivated and staying focus to your dreams is a very important ingredient for success.

So I would like to share some of my favorite and inspiring quotes from famous entrepreneurs.
Inspiring Quotes from Famous Entrepreneurs

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. - Steve Jobs

We are really competing against ourselves, we have no control over how other people perform. – Pete Cashmore (Founder Of Mashable)

Timing, perseverance and 10 years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success. – Biz Stone (Twitter)

When you’re ready to quit, you are closer than you think – Bob Parsons (Founder Of Go Daddy)

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning". Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.– Bill Gates (Microsoft)

The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer - Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s

"Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration". "I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work" -Thomas Edison (inventor and scientist).

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are. - Mark Cuban, (owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks, co-founder of, founder of HDNet).

High expectations are the key to everything - Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart)

When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure. – Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics).

Its kind of fun doing the impossible- Walt Disney

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war- Donald Trump

Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.- Ray Kroc

Did it feel good?

It motivates me reading success quotes.

ProBlogger Clone Email Subscription Widget

Good day! today I will share a new email subscription widget that includes feedburner chicklet, facebook and a twitter button placed in it. It is a widget similar used in ProBlogger. The subscription form used in ProBlogger is aweber, so we change that to feedburner which mostly blogspot users use. If you want to use this email subscription widget, kindly follow the steps below.

ProBlogger Clone Email Subscription Widget
[preview of the widget]

Adding ProBlogger Clone Email Subscription Widget

1. Go to your blogger dashboard > Layout > Add gadget

2. Select > HTML > Javascript

3. Paste below code and click save

#bgemailsub .subcount{margin:3px 0 0 0;float:right;}
#bgemailsub h5{color:#FFFFFF;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;margin:0 0 5px 0;text-decoration:none;text-shadow:#2F4249 1px 1px;text-transform:none;line-height:20px;} #bgemailsub img{margin:0 5px 5px 0;}
#bgemailsub #text-8 img{margin:3px 5px 2px 5px;}#bgemailsub #text-10 img{margin:5px 5px 10px 0;} #bgemailsub .textwidget p{margin:0;padding:0;}
#bgemailsub .subscribe{background:#74868C;width:240px;height:190px;margin:10px 0 0 0;padding:10px 15px 10px 15px; z-index:99;}
#bgemailsub .subscribe-line{margin:0;padding:10px 0 10px 0;text-align:center;clear:both;}#bgemailsub .text_input, #bgemailsub .subscribe{background:#FFFFFF url( left no-repeat;width:208px;color:#333333;font-family:Arial,Tahoma,Verdana;font-size:13px;padding:5px 0 4px 30px;margin:5px 5px 10px 0;border:1px solid #C5CFD5;}


<div id="bgemailsub" class="bgemailsub widget-area">
<div id="text-9" class="widget widget_text"><div class="widget-wrap"> <div class="textwidget"><div class="subscribe">
<h5>Subscribe to the Newsletter:</h5>
<form id="subscribe" action="" method="post" target="popupwindow" onsubmit=" '', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true">
<input class="text_input" type="text" value="Enter your email address …" id="subbox" onfocus="if ( this.value == 'Enter your email address …') { this.value = ''; }" onblur="if ( this.value == '' ) { this.value = 'Enter your email address …'; }" name="email" />
<input type="hidden" name="uri" value="FromHobby2money" />
<input type="hidden" name="loc" value="en_US" />
<input id="zoosbmt" type="image" src="" alt="Subscribe" class="subbutton"/>

<a href=""><img src=";fg=FFFFFF&amp;anim=1" height="26" width="88" style="border:0" alt="" class="subcount"/></a>
<div class="subscribe-line">
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Subscribe to RSS"/></a><a href=""><img src="" alt="Subscribe to Facebook"/></a><a href=""> <img src="" alt="Follow on Twitter"/></a>
<p align="center">Join Over <strong>2000</strong> Readers</p>


  • Replace 2000 with your total subscriber count.
  • Replace FromHobby2money with your feedburner ID.
  • Replace dadhust with your twitter username.
  • Replace FromHobby2Money with your facebook fan page username
  • Change 74868C if you want to change the background. You can use my color code generator to decide which color you want. Click HERE. 
You are done! Just put the  widget on your sidebar to make it look beautiful. 

Do you liked it?

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Top 5 Expenses of a Pro blogger

Top 5 Expenses of a Pro bloggerBlogging is not free, it also has some expenses just like any business or hobby. Since blogging is a hobby to me yet it makes money. As a hobbyist I can't still consider myself as a "pro blogger", yet I admit I have skills and what it takes (probably, hehe). But if I financially invest a lot on my blogging hobby and use it as means to make a living then, consider yours truly a "pro".

A pro blogger is:
  • Sticks to schedules and do it on time.
  • Emphasize design over advertising space.
  • Loves to interact with co- bloggers and its readers.
  • Is active on the online community.
  • Fully understands blogging, SEO, blogging platforms and ethics.
Besides these characteristics, a pro blogger also invests on his profession and does not mind expenses over growth.

It is really hard to become one because there is no diploma or title when or how to become a pro blogger.

A blogger once say to me that "to be a pro blogger you need to earn at least $1k/month". I am still very far from making that much but if I do, I will share it you guys step by step.

To earn $1k/month is surely a huge help, but before making big bucks, a blogger needs to invest on something that is worth it. Here are top 5 important expenses of a pro blogger.

1. Equipment

If you are a beginner or just blog for self amusement, all they need is just a computer with an Internet connection. But as long as you grow and become more experienced, your blogging ways changes. To be more flexible in blogging, you will need some advanced gadgets to help you do your job easier.

These are just some of the equipments you will need:
  • A powerful computer that can do heavy jobs.
  • Headphones, microphones and camera for podcasting.
  • A smartphone or tablet for work on the go.
  • Your own work space. You can use your room as long as no one bothers you.
Don't settle for a slow computer, check out this laptop that is worth under $500 HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr 15.6-Inch Laptop (Dark Gray).

2. Learning Tools  

A blogger will not miss an opportunity to learn, that is why learning tools are an important investment to blogging. A pro blogger should learn the value of learning over money. There are short courses that offers trainings, but if you are short on budget there is always free trainings which is the only investment you need is a lot of time and attention.

Besides learning from short courses, purchasing e-books and other learning material could benefit your blogging career in the long run.

3. Conferences

Being knowledgeable is crucial but most successful blogger are personable. Attending conferences will help create a connection to those people who have high success in that said industry. It could also help gain you more exposure and they could even praise you for your work.

Those people attending conferences are just like you, who shares the same interest, whether it is about blogging or a certain niche, surely meeting other people just like you personality, will help establish a more solid career in blogging.

If you are worrying about money, you should plan ahead before the conference. List all the necessary budget like food, hotel and beer. Contact the organizer for more info and ask for the estimated budget for the conference.

4. Design

Content is King and Marketing could be his Queen, but both of the royal couples of blogging could become worthless if your blog design is very poor and ugly. Even the best written blog will turn away people if its design is very messy and hard to navigate.

Investing on design is worth the money. You can do designing on your own by purchasing beautiful templates online but of course there are always free templates. But if you can't do it by yourself, there is professional help that could make your blog design very appealing to the eyes.

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Lets put it this way, content is the product, marketing is sales talking and design is your attire. If you are a lawyer but you wear a punk kid's outfit from the 70's, do you expect someone will talk to you about your profession? I think not.

Dress to impress! and so is your blogs design. Make it beautiful because its the first thing that people sees, and then let your talent shine through.

5. Hosting

There are free blog hosting sites just like and you can use for free. But having your own domain is very important and has a lot of advantages.

Here are just some of the few
  • If you use ".blogspot", having your own domain will prevent your blog from getting deleted by Google.
  • Merchants usually advertises on self hosted blogs.
  • Your blog looks for professional
  • Its all yours.
 Purchasing on a good hosting service is very important because cheap sites doesn't have that quality service and sometimes crashes. Poor hosting service is annoying and tests your patience. If crashes regularly it affects your readers and you could loose traffic, that is why choosing the right hosting service is also crucial in blogging.

If you notice I still keep ".blogspot" name, but it won't be that long, after I purchase a new lap top, buying my own  domain name will be next target. After investing on those two "" will be born and it is coming really soon.

Get Paid Beta Testing Games

Get Paid Beta Testing GamesIf you love gaming, you should try beta testing games. It may sound so easy but it isn't. Beta testing games is completely different from playing games for fun, this time you do it professionally.

You become part of the testing cycle where your job is to find glitches, and bugs, before the game actually releases. As a beta tester you cannot choose what game you were be playing, you have to be flexible and ready for any game that is being given to you.

Here are some tips on how to be a beta tester for games.

1. Prepare to work hard. For those who can't survive starring at and playing at the TV for more the 80 hours a week should not apply to this job. Beta testers spends a lot of time playing just like a common job.

2. Learn how to write clear report. Your report will be very important to the game, even the smallest error or bug should be written in the report. Game designers will expect a well written report with structure and clarity.

3. Avoid distractions. While working, do not use your cellphone or do anything that could distract you. You need to stay focus because you might miss some glitches on the games you are playing and that could hurt you when you report to the game developer.

4. Be a gamer. Being a gamer at first will help you a lot on getting the job done. You should be familiar with a lot of gaming platforms like Playstation 3, wii, or Xbox 360. The more consoles you know the more games you will be testing so you won't ran out of job.

Note: The demand for this job is higher than its openings and that is why there are scam sites that takes advantage on job seekers. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed by fake beta testing job sites.
  • Never pay for a job or job list.
  • Never pay for a subscription to get the job.
  • Check the background if they are involve on some of the big company in the gaming industry like Electronic Arts or Squaresoft.
  • Do they have customer support or a phone number?
Despite  this, there are short courses you can purchase to learn the basic of beta testing. This is necessary to acquire higher positions on the job.

Be a beta tester visit:

Powerup Games

Last tip: If you are very updated on a lot of games, you can see advertisements displaying new games under beta test. Join that game and try to apply and negotiate with the developer that you are applying as a professional beta tester, a work experience and portfolio will be a plus point, otherwise they will just let you beta test the game for free.

In Demand Careers That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

When kids were asked of what do they want when they grow up usually you will hear from them they liked being a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Astronaut or maybe the President of a country. These careers are a surefire to become successful in life. But times has changed, entering these kind of profession might be a successful move but the competition is really high and chances of becoming happy and rich has become lower.

If there are careers that is loosing on its demand, there are also new jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago. This may not be your "dream job" but a lot of people are shifting from their common job to the "new job" because of its high demand, and high income opportunity.

I have met some of the people who has jobs that are included on the list, and most of them (not all) quit their past careers and move to the new one.

I haven't dream of becoming any of these jobs, in fact I want to be a commercial plane pilot but sad to say going to aeronautics school is really expensive. So here are my lists of In demand careers that didn't exist 10 years ago with a short description .

Note: Some of these jobs has a specialized degree , needed to become one of them


1. Blogger- Research and write blog content for news websites, public and private corporations, government offices, and many other organizations with blogs.

2. Content managers- Develop strategies for creating, updating, and organizing Web content, typically with the goal of attracting new visitors.

3. Online political campaign managers- Develop and manage strategies for using Internet and social technologies to help politicians get elected.

4. Video journalists- Design and produce online videos that document information, news, and events.



1. Business continuity specialists- Plan and implement recovery solutions to keep businesses functioning during disasters and emergency situations.

2. Electronic commerce specialists- Analyze online buyers' preferences and handle online sales strategies, including marketing, advertising, and website design.

3. Social media managers/strategists- Use social technologies like Facebook to reach out to customers, and they build social networks within companies.

4. Virtual concierges- Provide professional concierge services--for business or personal needs--with the convenience of being just an email away.
5. User experience analysts- Collect data on website usage and provide insight about users' experiences by using psychological, computer-science, and industrial-design knowledge to test theories and draw conclusions.


1. Athletic compliance coordinators- Ensure that athletic programs receiving government funding meet government regulations.

2. Adaptive physical education specialists- Help people with disabilities participate in physical education programs and activities.

3. Distance learning coordinators- Schedule courses and coordinate distance learning programs.

4. Home-school liaisons- Establish and manage partnerships between parents and schools.

5. School diagnosticians- Assess and diagnose the learning problems of students.


Depending on your interest, you can enter any of these careers if you have a degree in environmental science.

1. Carbon credit traders- Handle the purchase and sale of carbon-emissions permits for companies.

2. Environmental economists- Measure the benefits and potential drawbacks of renewable energy and other environmental alternatives.

3. Environmental restoration planners- Work with scientific staff to implement plans that reverse environmental damage. 

4. Green marketers- Promote green products and services.

5. Recycling coordinators- Administer drop-off and curbside recycling programs with government and waste-disposal agencies.


Requirements for this job requires a bachelor degree or masters degree on engineering and business.

1. Biofuels/biodiesel product development managers- Plan and execute research programs that evaluate alternative biofuels/biodiesel technologies.

2. Biomass plant technicians- Monitor biomass plant activities (biomass is biological matter that can be turned into a renewable energy source).

3. Energy auditors- Inspect buildings and systems to maximize energy efficiency and cut energy costs.

4. Energy brokers- Buy and sell energy for customers.

5. Fuel cell engineers- Design and build fuel cell systems for all types of devices, including cars and phones.

6. Methane/landfill gas collection system operators- Run the day-to-day business of landfill gas projects, including compliance and reporting requirements.

There you go! These are the jobs that most people 10 years ago haven't heard.

Are you one of them?

If so, kindly share your experience on one of these jobs.

What Skills Needed to Become a Professional Blogger?

What Skills Needed to Become a Professional Blogger?During these pasts days a lot of people are asking why I am spending so much time on the Internet, and I say I am a blogger. In my town, the word "blogger" is not familiar for most people, so they ask a lot of questions, what is it, can you make money out of it, how to become a blogger, etc.

And because they ask a lot of questions, I will create a beginners tutorial series for those who wanted to learn blogging. I will start the series with Skills needed to become a successful blogger.

Just like any other profession, blogging also requires skills that are necessary to become successful. Learning these skills before you start blogging will surely guide you on the right track.

Bloggerpreneur Beginners Series


Part 1: What Skills Needed to Become a Professional Blogger?

Part 2: Is blogging right for you?

Part 3: Blogging Terms and Definitions

Part 4: 10 Online Marketing Myths you should know

Part 5: 7 Reasons why Students Should Start Blogging

Part 6: Difference between a blog and a website

Part 7: Things you need to know before you start Blogging

Part 8: Choosing a profitable Blog niche

Part 9: Make a Professional Look for your Blog

Part 10: Sure ways to make a profitable Blog

Part 11: SEO tips for Beginners

Part 12: 8 Blogging Habits to include in your Daily Routine


A blogger is simply a person who creates quality content online and publishes it on the Internet. It may sounds easy but it is not, we need to haves skills and the right attitude to do it. Blogging might be hard, but it is actually fun. So lets tackle some of the fundamentals.

NOTE: Some these skills are not necessary if you can afford to hire other people to do it for you. I am only sharing this for you to become a skilled blogger, who has basic technical skills in blogging. I recommend you learn some of this although it is not required so that you can do blogging on your own and can do trouble shooting all by yourself.

1. CSS and HTML


HTML means "Hyper text markup language"  and CSS is "Cascading style sheets". This is not a programming kind of thing, it is a language for describing web pages and uses markup tags. HTML is like the skeleton of your website and CSS is the one responsible for your background, fonts, colors etc.

On the old days there are no CSS that is why most websites decades ago are dull and grey, actually all of them suck, hehehe.

Practice: Everyday

Online tutorial: Youtube, HTML | CSS

If you are a computer science student or IT, these topics are usually covered so master them because it will come handy in the future.

2. Adobe Photoshop 


Photoshop is the most used image editing software to create image formats such as .gif. .jpeg and .png. Banners, logos, and web images are usually created using photoshop. Learning Photoshop will not only help you create beautiful images but also open potentials to get hired by creating logos and banners.

Practice: Every single day

Online Tutorial: Youtube, Google

There are schools offering 2-6 months course on learning Photoshop, I suggest you enroll because it will be an asset to become a blogger or a web designer.

3. Learn English

This skill is optional if your target audience is your own country, but if you want to go worldwide I suggest you learn how to write and speak English. One of the advantage in learning this language is the making money potentials with advertisers. Most of these merchants sell services using the English language.

Practice: Everyday

Online Tutorial: Youtube, Google

4. Expertise in your Niche or Topic

This skill is crucial in blogging. The topic you choose will also determine the success of your blogging career, make sure you select a niche that you are good at. For example, if you are a fitness instructor you should blog and write about loosing weight and topics about a healthy lifestyle. Don't enter a niche that you are not good at because chances are, you might ran out of topic to write or even quit.

Practice: read blogs and books related to your topic everyday

5. Connecting to other people

Blogging is not just about writing and publishing it online, you also need to build connection to other people. Visitors will sometimes leave a comment or feedback on your blog, and you should have time to answer them. 

You don't just reply with an "ok thanks for visiting" comment, you should try building a relationship with your readers by making them feel like they are part of your blog. Create a discussion, accept opinions and suggestions in that way you build your own community online.

Another way is to connect to other bloggers related to your topic. Try guest writing to other bloggers, it will benefit both of the owner and the guest blogger and it is one of the easiest way to gain more visitors.

Practice: Reply to email and comments everyday, guest posting

Final note:

These are just some of the basic skills you need to become a blogger, you might not need them all but I highly suggest your learn them all because you will gain a lot from these skills and practice them every day.

Did I miss something?

Let me read your thoughts

How to add Floating Ads widget for blogger/blogspot

Banner advertisement is one of the main ways on how a blogger makes money. Carefully putting ads where visitors can easily see them gives a higher chance of being clicked.

There are lot of techniques on how to strategically put banners, just like putting them on the header, sidebar and below post titles.

And now I will show you a different technique, its about how to add floating banners so that you can put ads in it. Installation of this trick is very easy just like my past tips on blogger widget.

By adding this widget and carefully blending it beautifully with your template, you can increase revenue for your blog.   



  • Very easy to install and uninstall 
  • Attractive look that makes visitors click on the ads.
  • Has a close button
  • Gives chance to increase ads earnings.
  • Readers can easily see your ads.

Add this widget

1. Go to your blogger account

2. Click layout > Add gadget > HTML/Javascript.

3. Add the codes below

#btftopbar {
background: #005094 url('..');
#adsground {
margin:0 auto;
width: 160px;
border-bottom:2px #005094 solid;
border-right:2px #005094 solid;
border-left:2px #005094 solid;

#headlineatas {
border-bottom:1px #005094 solid;
border-bottom:0px blue solid;
<script type="text/javascript">
function getValue()
document.getElementById("headlineatas").style.display = 'none';
<div id="headlineatas">
<div id="btftopbar">

<span style="color:#fff;font-size:13px;font-weight:bold;text-shadow:black 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em"></span>
<span style="color:#fff;font-size:13px;font-weight:bold;text-shadow:black 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;float:right;padding-top:3px;padding-right:10px"><a href="
2013/03/how-to-add-floating-ads-widget-for.html" target="_blank" onclick="getValue()">close(x)</a></span>
<div id="adsground">
<p align="left"><h3></h3></p>

Ads code here



  • Replace "Ads code here" with your adsense script code.
  • You can change the width by replacing its value160px.
  • If you want to float it on the right side, change "left" to "right".
  • After doing some customization, hit save and check out your new floating Ads.

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18 Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur

Advantage of an Online EntrepreneurSince I was a kid, we were taught by our parents to graduate college and look for a job. I didn't graduate, but I have a couple of jobs, and both of them did not work for me. To tell you honestly, I am not good dealing with bosses, because I don't like the idea of being pushed around, getting yelled at, and getting blamed on just about anything.

Since quitting a job, I have decided to become an entrepreneur, then joined direct selling. After learning the ethics of an entrepreneur, I finally enter online entrepreneurship.

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Now that I am doing this, I don't know if I will ever get back on a regular job. I guess it depends on the success of my online career.

There are things that I like about this career, so here are Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur.

#1. I can go to work without my pants

In this business you don't need any formal attire. As long as you do your job consistently, you are good. At home I usually wear boxers while blogging, because its comfortable compared to office suits.

#2. No risk

Its because I invested on nothing, nothing is also lost. Compared to traditional business; online entrepreneurship doesn't need office space, hiring workers is optional, etc. In this business, a lot of stuff is free. But if you want to take it to the next level, you should spend on advertising and web hosting domains.

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#3. I can do house chores while working

I keep doing this for almost one year now. My routine is waking up at 9 AM watch a bit of cartoons and NBA. If it is almost 12 noon, I started cooking while blogging till the afternoon. With online entrepreneurship, you can multi task house work while blogging.

#4. You don't have to quit your regular job

This business does not require you to quit your regular job. As a matter of fact, you can do this as long as you have time. Besides winning the lottery, entrepreneurship is the best way to get rich.

#5. You can quit your job

If you are having success with your online business, then I guess its time to quit your regular job and start focusing online. 

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#6. It makes your Internet habit productive

Back then I used to play a LOT of online games. If I didn't learn how to blog, I would still be an online gamer bum. Besides gaming, checking some non sense stuff on FB wastes a lot of my time. 

Being a bloggerpreneur really help change my online habit. It also improve some of my skills that would be necessary to find a concrete job.

#7. Opportunity to earn passive income

Passive income is like going to the beach while earning money. An example is the land lord, he makes no effort yet he makes money at the end of the month.

An online business indeed has the potential to make money, but it is not that simple. It will took a lot of time, strategic thinking, perseverance and a little bit of luck to call your earnings "passive".

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#8. You can't get fired!

Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur
[image: technorati]
The worst thing that could happen on an employee is getting fired. We all know it sucks to get fired. Most companies are looking for ways to cut down spending, so they axed some of their employee. 

An entrepreneur sometimes losses its clients, visitors, but you can never loose your job. Because the success of your business is in your hands, no one else.

#9. You have no boss

Finally, no one will yell at you when you do something stupid. An entrepreneur has no boss but himself. If the entrepreneur has an employee's mentality, then don't expect to become rich.

A boss is a leader, a visionary, mentor, a friend, and a jerk who will do anything for success. Even you are the boss of your own, you still has responsibility to your clients, co-workers, and to your spouse.

#10. You can create jobs

Just recently I read an article that Harvard produces the most Billionaires in the world. Probably because their students doesn't look for jobs, they create jobs. Gates and Zuckerberg are just some of the Harvard University products, although they are dropped out students, they are still linked to that school.

#11. You determine your workings hours

Compared to regular jobs, they require strict time management. One of the things we don't like is the hassle of going to work, the traffic, etc. An entrepreneur can go to work when he wants to. But this is not a lazy job. Successful entrepreneurs works 10-12 hours a day for almost 2 years without pay. Even you control your time, it doesn't mean you should slack a lot.

#12. Learn something new everyday.

In regular jobs, learning new everyday is not a requirement. As long as you have the skill to do your work, you are good. But in entrepreneurship, learning everyday is a must. 

You need to be updated with the latest technology, business strategies and a lot more. Learning helps your brain function a lot more sharper.

#13. It helps build your own network

Working in the office will not help you expand your network. In entrepreneurship, it is necessary to interact with different people, and potential customers to expand your business. Through connecting with other people, you learn to communicate and sales talk.

#14. The Internet is a growing market

Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur

Internet users has been growing rapidly for the fast 10 years. A lot of people are now doing business online, whether its shopping or banking, the Internet is a huge marketplace for online entrepreneurs. 

Riding the wave of the Internet boom is great for online entrepreneurs, because it keeps on growing. As more and more people gets access to the Internet, the more potentials for Internet Marketers.

#15. You can do what you love

Online Entrepreneurship gives the freedom to choose what you want and has the potential to create that "dream job" of yours.

#16. It teaches self discipline

An entrepreneur will do things that normal people usually can't. 

Discipline is really hard to teach especially when you apply it to yourself. It is a challenge, but it is a test how strong your will power is.

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#17. You can influence anybody.

An employee you are like a machine, no voice, no choice, you just do what you have been told to do and has no chance to influence other people.

A Successful online entrepreneurs has tons of followers that they can influence daily. You are not only a businessman but also a leader for your clients, visitors and followers. 

#18. You can have unlimited earning potential

In a regular job your salary is usually fixed. If you want a raise, you will need a promotion. 

In entrepreneurship, you don't know how much you could earn. Maybe this month its $50 and the next month it could be $1000 dollars!

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It is not easy

Ah yes! just like any traditional business, online entrepreneurship is not that easy. You won't become successful overnight, it takes years to finally become a successful entrepreneur. 

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If you know the story of Facebook, its founder did not monetize the website at first, he waited for the perfect timing to finally make money out of it. 

Just have patience and continue learning. 

Did I miss something?

Let me hear it from you

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