How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers

How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click BombersAs I was browsing some adsense tips on the net, an article about "how his adsense account get banned" caught my attention. I read his story and asked if he honestly do some illegal activities on his adsense account and he said "no", and I believe him because he blogs about SEO. If you are blogging for that niche, I am pretty sure you are aware of Google Adsense policy. He said that his click has dramatically increased more than a 100% in the past days, and its because of click bombers, someone was probably sabotaging his adsense account.

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How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger

How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger
Experimenting and analyzing where to put your Adsense ads is necessary for you to know where your visitors click on the ads. So today I will share another adsense placement tips. This time we will put your ads on where most readers focuses their eyes, in the middle of your post.

With this ad placement it could increase your Adsense earnings and make more money blogging. If you are having a low CTR on adsense, I suggest you try putting ads in the middle of your blogger post.

The instructions are easy, just follow the simple steps below:

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

One of the hardest part of being a niche blogger is targeting the right people and audience. By having the right audience you gain more traffic with like minded readers. It has also an advantage of making huge sales through affiliate marketing.

When we promote our brand we usually go to social networking sites like facebook or twitter, it may be the best way to do it, but targeting the right people is tough because it is a site for all.

So now you want to find a network of people having the same interest as you.

Then look no more, I have some of the top lists of social networking sites for niche blogger. This will come handy for meeting and networking with people who shares the same interest as you. So here we go:

Useful Tools for Bloggers

Useful Tools for BloggersWhen we repair or customize something there is always a handy tool that will make our work easier.

So, here at bloggerpreneur we would like to be that tool to help you optimize your website easier. Besides from the tips and tricks we offer, I will share some tools that I personally use to optimize my blog site.

Check them out! its free and easy to use.