Top 5 Expenses of a Pro blogger

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Top 5 Expenses of a Pro bloggerBlogging is not free, it also has some expenses just like any business or hobby. Since blogging is a hobby to me yet it makes money. As a hobbyist I can't still consider myself as a "pro blogger", yet I admit I have skills and what it takes (probably, hehe). But if I financially invest a lot on my blogging hobby and use it as means to make a living then, consider yours truly a "pro".

A pro blogger is:
  • Sticks to schedules and do it on time.
  • Emphasize design over advertising space.
  • Loves to interact with co- bloggers and its readers.
  • Is active on the online community.
  • Fully understands blogging, SEO, blogging platforms and ethics.
Besides these characteristics, a pro blogger also invests on his profession and does not mind expenses over growth.

It is really hard to become one because there is no diploma or title when or how to become a pro blogger.

A blogger once say to me that "to be a pro blogger you need to earn at least $1k/month". I am still very far from making that much but if I do, I will share it you guys step by step.

To earn $1k/month is surely a huge help, but before making big bucks, a blogger needs to invest on something that is worth it. Here are top 5 important expenses of a pro blogger.

1. Equipment

If you are a beginner or just blog for self amusement, all they need is just a computer with an Internet connection. But as long as you grow and become more experienced, your blogging ways changes. To be more flexible in blogging, you will need some advanced gadgets to help you do your job easier.

These are just some of the equipments you will need:
  • A powerful computer that can do heavy jobs.
  • Headphones, microphones and camera for podcasting.
  • A smartphone or tablet for work on the go.
  • Your own work space. You can use your room as long as no one bothers you.
Don't settle for a slow computer, check out this laptop that is worth under $500 HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr 15.6-Inch Laptop (Dark Gray).

2. Learning Tools  

A blogger will not miss an opportunity to learn, that is why learning tools are an important investment to blogging. A pro blogger should learn the value of learning over money. There are short courses that offers trainings, but if you are short on budget there is always free trainings which is the only investment you need is a lot of time and attention.

Besides learning from short courses, purchasing e-books and other learning material could benefit your blogging career in the long run.

3. Conferences

Being knowledgeable is crucial but most successful blogger are personable. Attending conferences will help create a connection to those people who have high success in that said industry. It could also help gain you more exposure and they could even praise you for your work.

Those people attending conferences are just like you, who shares the same interest, whether it is about blogging or a certain niche, surely meeting other people just like you personality, will help establish a more solid career in blogging.

If you are worrying about money, you should plan ahead before the conference. List all the necessary budget like food, hotel and beer. Contact the organizer for more info and ask for the estimated budget for the conference.

4. Design

Content is King and Marketing could be his Queen, but both of the royal couples of blogging could become worthless if your blog design is very poor and ugly. Even the best written blog will turn away people if its design is very messy and hard to navigate.

Investing on design is worth the money. You can do designing on your own by purchasing beautiful templates online but of course there are always free templates. But if you can't do it by yourself, there is professional help that could make your blog design very appealing to the eyes.

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Lets put it this way, content is the product, marketing is sales talking and design is your attire. If you are a lawyer but you wear a punk kid's outfit from the 70's, do you expect someone will talk to you about your profession? I think not.

Dress to impress! and so is your blogs design. Make it beautiful because its the first thing that people sees, and then let your talent shine through.

5. Hosting

There are free blog hosting sites just like and you can use for free. But having your own domain is very important and has a lot of advantages.

Here are just some of the few
  • If you use ".blogspot", having your own domain will prevent your blog from getting deleted by Google.
  • Merchants usually advertises on self hosted blogs.
  • Your blog looks for professional
  • Its all yours.
 Purchasing on a good hosting service is very important because cheap sites doesn't have that quality service and sometimes crashes. Poor hosting service is annoying and tests your patience. If crashes regularly it affects your readers and you could loose traffic, that is why choosing the right hosting service is also crucial in blogging.

If you notice I still keep ".blogspot" name, but it won't be that long, after I purchase a new lap top, buying my own  domain name will be next target. After investing on those two "" will be born and it is coming really soon.

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  1. For a hobby blogging, yeah its all free. But if you're moving to problogging, you better be prepared to spend a little money. This includes PPC advertisement and a little digital marketing, maybe have a Virtual Assistant to help you with your blogging.

    However, do keep in mind that where there is expenses, there must be a way to pay for that upkeep. Good luck with your blogging venture!

  2. @Q

    Yup! its true, Advertising and a virtual assistant will also be very helpful if you are entering the "pro blogging" career. :-)


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