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If you are earning money through Google Adsense then these blogger templates might just help you get more bucks. Having an Adsense ready template is one of the way to increase those clicks and revenue because these templates has some space ready for placing ads.

There are many Adsense ready templates out there but some of them does not follow Google's TOS and you get the risk of getting banned. So, I have here templates that are Adsense friendly and ready to make money.

10 Adsense ready blogger/blogspot templates

1. Money Generator Template

If you are blogging for money then I suggest using this blog template. This one has some excellent Adsense placement in prominent places. Just blend your Adsense ads with your template and it will look cool. This template was created by GosuBlogger, he created this to increase his Click Through Rate by 10-15%.

2. Simple News Revolution

This template created by Herdiansyah Hamzah, is perfect for news type of blog and wanted to make a lot of cash about it. The template has some extra space on the left side which is perfect for a 300x250 ads which is easily seen by visitors. The navigation bar displays Google Adsense Search box which could at revenue into your site.

Demo | Download

3. Blue Adsense Template

Developed by GosuBlogger the Blue Adsense Template is perfect for increasing your Adsense revenue. The template provide maximum exposure to your ads. Blue Adsense template features one 728 x 15 and one 468 x 15 link unit on the top. 

4. Funny Adsense Template

Do you want to earn more with your funny or image blog? then use the funny Adsense template. It has a beautiful and sober three column blogger template which provides maximum Adsense income chances. One skyscraper slot in left sidebar, one large rectangle ad below post title, one link unit above post title can really boost your Adsense earnings.

5. Visionary Blogger Template

The template layout has 3 columns 2 sidebars, Menus table. general white background. On the right is perfect for putting a 120x600 ads. Neat design and pleasant to the eyes blending your ads will be perfect.

6. Palm Blogger Template

This free Blogger template can be a 3-6 or template columns. If you are a three-column template, simply do not want to fill lowerbar widgets and colors with post-column mixing.

The right side is 300 pixels wide, ideal for placing a large box Adsense square, large pictures or if you would like to test blog below.

  • The "Read more..." function is available to shorten posts.
  • Almost all colors and fonts are easy to customize.
  • Blog Posts Edit buttons are fully functional.
  • Flexible number of sidebars.
  • Menubar below the header for easy navigation.
  • Header image can be easily changed.
  • Tested ok in all browsers using Browsershots.org.

7. Scribe Blogger Template

This Template is perfect for mixing words and Adsense ads. You can put them on the righ side of your artice text, to the right side, and top. 

Features for this template: 
  • 2 Sidebar 
  • 3 ColumnFixed width
  • Left Sidebar
  • Minimalist
  • Right Sidebar
  • Maximum adsense ad units that you can place on your blog page( You can add up to 2 link unit and 3 text ads unit)
  • Several widgets with different functions has been installed on your BLOGSPOT
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
How to install :

Download the Template (Scribe Templates)
Login to blogger,
Go to Template › Backup / Restore › Browse (And find thetemplate on your Hard Drive › Upload) How to insert Google Adsense code in your BLOG

Login to blogger › go to Layout › edit html (adsense code) › save
Enjoy The template.

Demo | Download

8. Adsense ready template

Adsense ready theme is a clean adsense optimized theme where you can ads on all the places which are optimized for maximum CTR. Not highly optimized or filled with ads, so this theme also gives your site a clean look. You just want to install the theme and change the pub code, and your ads will start showing.

9. Blue sense blogger template

This is a heavily adsense optimized blogger template which include many ad-spots and place ads as to get maximum number of clicks. It includes most of the ads in the primary fold itself and even-though very good for earning, It could destroy the view, standered and quality of your blog. But thinking in the Bussiness way, It’s quite profitable and you will get the maximum click.

10. Hibernasense blogger template

Hibernasense blogger templates - blogger templates If you are looking for the right to monetize your blog with google adsense, maybe Hibernasense is the right answer. Hibernasense Blogger templates designed specifically for the blog that was established for the benefit monetize your blog with google adsense, however, does not eliminate its main function is to share information to the readers / visitors.

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