10 Sure Ways to Make a Profitable Blog

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10 Sure Ways to Make a Profitable BlogYou probably heard that you can make money online with niche blogs. But you don't know how. In this post I will share to you the steps to build a profitable niche blog to monetize and finally make money! If you have been blogging, but still didn't make the earnings you are hoping,  then you probably missed on something.

I have here 10 steps to build a profitable blog niche that will surely make you money.

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1. Select a profitable market.

The first step is to select for a market. Make sure you know a lot about it if it is profitable today and even in the near future. You need to know if that market is the next big thing and try to create effective strategies on how to edge other competitors.

Stay updated for the latest information about your market. Be knowledgeable about its recent development and news. If you can do that consistently, you are 1 step closer to blogging success.

2. Avoid Niche Distractions.

The second step is to avoid being unfocused for a certain topic. This usually happens for new bloggers, because sometimes there are ideas popping out of nowhere and you think it is cool and you tend to apply it to your blog, then you lost focus on a certain topic.

Don't give in , do not change your topic. If you are blogging about weigh-loss then don't blog about cancer research, because some people are only interested on one topic and focusing to one niche will make you an expert and will rank highly on search engine.

3. Plan before you go to battle.

Usually some Internet Marketers forget the third step, that is why some of them failed. Planning is very important like, you need to have a plan on how to attack search engines, and what is your marketing strategy.

Planning also involves keywords. Don't write any articles yet, do your research and pick those keywords that will match perfectly to your site.

4. Study on your market.

Fourth step is to study about your chosen market. If you're chosen topic is very popular, then you need to study more and dig deeper.

 Also study about the behavior of your targeted audience. Studies will help you to know about how they make buying decisions, what is it about that they like about this product/ service.

5. Many head is better than one.

The fifth step is you need other people to do your work. Although you can do it by yourself, as a newbie blogger you haven't made any money yet, let's say you have a day job and you have little time writing on your blog, so you need to hire someone to do work for you.

Some bloggers and webmasters are not really writers, so they hire writers mostly online. You can found them on sites like oDesk or Fiverr, and yes, you need money unless, you have someone willing to do it for free.

6. Write relevant and quality content.

What is it?
when your articles, posts and marketing campaigns are relevant to your audience, specific and helpful, it’s a quality content. To tell you honestly, there is nothing in this world that hasn't been already written.

Our task is to rewrite that is already written. But put your writing style into it and add some quality effort ( like putting pictures, slideshows or cartoons related to the topic ) so that your audience will like it and will not hesitate sharing it to other people.

7. Build anchor text backlinks from your site.

If you have a lot of backlinks, search engine will see your site as very important. But, you don't just need links, you need quality links related to your keywords. When you are building links, make sure you use the primary keywords and phrases as anchor text. By doing this, search engine will reward you by putting your site on the right direction.

8. Find a product that can sell.

Selling online is not easy, because most customers already know what they want and will think twice buying the product/service you are offering. Your role as a niche marketer is NOT selling, you are going to pre-sell them the more about the product. Point out the strong benefits about the product and use it as a hook to lure them into the checking out page. Of course, a site related to its niche and product will have a higher chance to sell.

9. Promote your blog.

For me, Marketing is King and Content is Queen.

Promoting your niche site is very important to make a profitable blog. There are many ways to market your brand. Here are some of it
  • Social Networking sites
  • Press Release
  • Advertising on other blogs
  • Submit videos on you tube
  • Guest posting
  • SEO services

10. This is not a sprint its a marathon.

Blogging takes time to master, this is not a job. For me, it's my hobby and I am having fun doing it. 
The tenth step is, this is not a race, this is not about who gets there first, but about who survives. 

If you are passionate about making a profitable blog, I suggest of not giving up and just do your thing CONSISTENTLY. Being committed and consistent will be your fuel to become a successful niche blogger.

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