What Skills Needed to Become a Professional Blogger?

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What Skills Needed to Become a Professional Blogger?During these pasts days a lot of people are asking why I am spending so much time on the Internet, and I say I am a blogger. In my town, the word "blogger" is not familiar for most people, so they ask a lot of questions, what is it, can you make money out of it, how to become a blogger, etc.

And because they ask a lot of questions, I will create a beginners tutorial series for those who wanted to learn blogging. I will start the series with Skills needed to become a successful blogger.

Just like any other profession, blogging also requires skills that are necessary to become successful. Learning these skills before you start blogging will surely guide you on the right track.

Bloggerpreneur Beginners Series


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A blogger is simply a person who creates quality content online and publishes it on the Internet. It may sounds easy but it is not, we need to haves skills and the right attitude to do it. Blogging might be hard, but it is actually fun. So lets tackle some of the fundamentals.

NOTE: Some these skills are not necessary if you can afford to hire other people to do it for you. I am only sharing this for you to become a skilled blogger, who has basic technical skills in blogging. I recommend you learn some of this although it is not required so that you can do blogging on your own and can do trouble shooting all by yourself.

1. CSS and HTML


HTML means "Hyper text markup language"  and CSS is "Cascading style sheets". This is not a programming kind of thing, it is a language for describing web pages and uses markup tags. HTML is like the skeleton of your website and CSS is the one responsible for your background, fonts, colors etc.

On the old days there are no CSS that is why most websites decades ago are dull and grey, actually all of them suck, hehehe.

Practice: Everyday

Online tutorial: Youtube, w3schools.com HTML | CSS

If you are a computer science student or IT, these topics are usually covered so master them because it will come handy in the future.

2. Adobe Photoshop 


Photoshop is the most used image editing software to create image formats such as .gif. .jpeg and .png. Banners, logos, and web images are usually created using photoshop. Learning Photoshop will not only help you create beautiful images but also open potentials to get hired by creating logos and banners.

Practice: Every single day

Online Tutorial: Youtube, Google

There are schools offering 2-6 months course on learning Photoshop, I suggest you enroll because it will be an asset to become a blogger or a web designer.

3. Learn English

This skill is optional if your target audience is your own country, but if you want to go worldwid I suggest you learn how to write and speak English. One of the advantage in learning this language is the making money potentials with advertisers. Most of these merchants sell services using the English language.

Practice: Everyday

Online Tutorial: Youtube, Google

4. Expertise in your Nice or Topic

This skill is crucial in blogging. The topic you choose will also determine the success of your blogging career, make sure you select a niche that you are good at. For example, if you are a fitness instructor you should blog and write about loosing weight and topics about a healthy lifestyle. Don't enter a niche that you are not good at because chances are, you might ran out of topic to write or even quit.

Practice: read blogs and books related to your topic everyday

5. Connecting to other people

Blogging is not just about writing and publishing it online, you also need to build connection to other people. Visitors will sometimes leave a comment or feedback on your blog, and you should have time to answer them. 

You don't just reply with an "ok thanks for visiting" comment, you should try building a relationship with your readers by making them feel like they are part of your blog. Create a discussion, accept opinions and suggestions in that way you build your own community online.

Another way is to connect to other bloggers related to your topic. Try guest writing to other bloggers, it will benefit both of the owner and the guest blogger and it is one of the easiest way to gain more visitors.

Practice: Reply to email and comments everyday, guest posting

Final note:

These are just some of the basic skills you need to become a blogger, you might not need them all but I highly suggest your learn them all because you will gain a lot from these skills and practice them every day.

Did I miss something?

Let me read your thoughts

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  1. Oh, these are really important skills to become a successful blogger. However for skills like Photoshop, and CSS & html, I guess they can be rather easily outsourced.

  2. @Jasmine A

    Yah they can be outsourced but I think you need to learn css and html, because its really fun redesigning your blog on your own. As a blogger I am more of a designer than a writter.

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