Exchange and Trade Anything with Coinsumer

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Promoting on Social Networking sites is probably the most effective way to introduce your business or products to many people online. In this tech savvy world, its where people usually hang out or interact these days. And if you want a lot of traffic we usually go to sites like Facebook, Twitter and G+.

Adding your presence to these social bookmarking sites is easy, but the problem is how to get traffic.

If you want to increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers and more, you should try social media exchange site Coinsumer, it is free and cool.

Social Media Exchange and Trading Hybrid

I have stumbled to many social media exchange site like this one before. In fact, I have 3 accounts on different sites, but I liked this one because it has more than just traffic exchange.

what? you don't know what it is.

To make things simple, social media exchanges are sites that offers the service of exchanging, facebook likes, twitter followers, Google plus "+", Digg, Linked In etc. The catch on this sites like this one is very simple, you just like someone's site or fan page then you earn coins which you can use to increase your own fan page likes. 

Its like you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.

Exchange and Trade Anything with Coinsumer
A sample of its interface

There is more than that!

Besides the social media exchange service it offers, in coinsumer you can earn more  by trading, selling, buying, and completing offers, they even have a slot machine. 

Got an old stuff you would like to sell? you can do it here. Selling stuff you don't need is one of the fastest way to earn more coins.

If you have many coins you can buy stuff you want like smartphones or tablets. Coinsumer also has a referral program that if you refer someone who turns cash into coins, you will get a 25% commission on the purchase, unlike other sites that only offer 15%. but only if the referral remains active.

What I like about Coinsumer

There are things I like about coinsumer that separates it from other social media exchange sites, its because of its friendly user interface, ads free, and a forum.  I have mentioned a forum because most scam sites doesn't have a forum or an active customer support. With coinsumer, you can interact with the admin anytime you want on the site's forum.

Note: If you sign up using my invitation code you will receive a free 200 coins.

My invitation code is: Dustzilla_471

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