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How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers

Posted On / 2 comments

How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click BombersAs I was browsing some adsense tips on the net, an article about "how his adsense account get banned" caught my attention. I read his story and asked if he honestly do some illegal activities on his adsense account and he said "no", and I believe him because he blogs about SEO. If you are blogging for that niche, I am pretty sure you are aware of Google Adsense policy. He said that his click has dramatically increased more than a 100% in the past days, and its because of click bombers, someone was probably sabotaging his adsense account.

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What is click bombing?

Click bombing is simply having your adsense account too much click, it could double or triple depending on the malicious user who wants to sabotage your account. These people will usually click on the same ads for more than 10 times in just a minute. If you have a low traffic blog, getting your adsense account banned is easy for these click bombers.

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This could happen to anyone, so we must pay attention to our adsense accounts and check for malicious activities or having too much click. To some, they suspect rivals or competitors are the one doing this kind of malicious activities. They want you to go down. As a website grow bigger and so is the rise of haters, spammers, and of course the terrorists of Google Adsense "the click bombers".

The truth is, I fear on this and I don't want it to happen to me or to you. But there are preventive measures to protect your adsense account from being sabotaged.

What to do if I suspect Click bombing?

If you happen to suspect someone is trying to do some click bombing the first thing you should do is contact Google immediately and fill up the invalid contact form. This will help them recognize your account is being maliciously being sabotaged and letting them know that you do not know where the illegal clicks came from.

Besides letting Google know, there are also other ways to prevent click bombing. Here are some:
  • Google Analytics. This is a very important tool for webmasters because you can trace where your visitors came from and what activity they are doing. Use this tool to find IP address of illegal clickers and ban them immediately.
  • Don't apply Adsense for low traffic blogs. This is one of the best way to avoid click bombers. High traffic sites usually makes a lot of money from adsense, that is why click bombers will not really affect their account because they are used to having tons of clicks. If your blog has low traffic yet it has tons of clicks it could easily get banned.
  • Use plugins for wordpress. One of the biggest advantage of word press is having tons of useful  plugins and one of them is who sees ads plugin, use it to prevent someone from accessing your site. There maybe new and more updated version of this plugin, just search I am sure you can find one.
  • Be careful with 3rd party traffic. I have been using 3rd party traffic generation site before and it help a bit wit improving my traffic. But beware, malicious clickers sometimes lurks on these sites. 
  • Don't tell anyone about your ads. I have read a story about a blogger who got banned because his sister wanted to help him make money from adsense, unaware his sister was actually "click bombing" and because of that he lost his account. It may be a sweet thing someone wanted and trying to help you make money but believe me, they could do much worse. The moral lesson here, don't tell anyone about your ads.

My Final thoughts

Despite measures to prevent this I still fear that one day Google might email me something about my Adsense account getting banned. If that happens I am quite sure click bombers are behind it. 

Getting your adsense accounts banned could happen to anyone, that is why you need to fully understand Google's policies on adsense. And the most important thing is always be aware of your account and keep track of it so that if there is something wrong you can immediately fix it.

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Adsense is still my favorite ways to make money online, but its also scary that one day you could loose all your earnings all of a sudden. That is why you should search for adsense alternatives, they may not pay you as big but it could still help you make money blogging.

Did I miss something?

Kindly share your opinion.

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How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger

Posted On / 7 comments
How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Post for Blogger
Experimenting and analyzing where to put your Adsense ads is necessary for you to know where your visitors click on the ads. So today I will share another adsense placement tips. This time we will put your ads on where most readers focuses their eyes, in the middle of your post.

With this ad placement it could increase your Adsense earnings and make more money blogging. If you are having a low CTR on adsense, I suggest you try putting ads in the middle of your blogger post.

The instructions are easy, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to Blogger account

2. Template > edit HTML and open template editor

3. Look for the <data:post.body/> tag

Note: Some blogs who uses the "automatic read more" function could have more than two of these, I suggest you try them each and always back up your template before tweaking any template.

4. After looking for that tag, replace it with the code below.

<div expr:id='&quot;aim1&quot; +'/>
<div style='clear:both; margin:10px 0'>


<div expr:id='&quot;aim2&quot; +'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var obj0=document.getElementById(&quot;aim1<>&quot;);var obj1=document.getElementById(&quot;aim2<>&quot;);var s=obj1.innerHTML;var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);var r=t.lastIndexOf(&quot;&quot;);if(r&gt;0){obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1)}
5.  Go to your adsense account and create your desired ad size. After customizing it parse the html using this HTML parser.

6. Replace YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE with your parsed HTML code.

7. Save template.

You are DONE!

DO you liked it?

Kindly share!


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Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

Posted On / 5 comments
One of the hardest part of being a niche blogger is targeting the right people and audience. By having the right audience you gain more traffic with like minded readers. It has also an advantage of making huge sales through affiliate marketing.

When we promote our brand we usually go to social networking sites like facebook or twitter, it may be the best way to do it, but targeting the right people is tough because it is a site for all.

So now you want to find a network of people having the same interest as you.

Then look no more, I have some of the top lists of social networking sites for niche blogger. This will come handy for meeting and networking with people who shares the same interest as you. So here we go:

For Food Bloggers/Cooking

A place for learning cooking and recipes. Video tutorials are also available

A food related social networking site. The site has lots of recipes in various categories.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

Another site for the food lover. It has anything about food in it. 

A new site for anything food. Joining is easy you can even use your facebook or twitter account.

A site for Book lovers

Started in 2007, good reads is a social networking sites for book lovers. It has a feature that shows what books you like depending on what you read on the past.

If you are looking for social networking sites for novels and stories, then I suggest wattpad. You can read or share stories to its millions of subscribers.

Wattpad Share Stories And Novels

A book catalog service for book lovers. You can also import books from amazon to other book services sites to libray thing.

Discover new books to read or read others with this site.

Social network sites for Travel bloggers

One of the biggest sites for travel bloggers with over 21 million subscribers and more. Just type the city you want and it will show infos, pictures and reviews.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

Connect with other travelers around the world. The site has also been featured to top magazines like TIME and Nat Geo.

This site is a social networking sites for finding and meeting other travelers.

A travel community and forum site for people who loves to travel. You can also create your own map here to help you backpacking.

An alternative sites for backpacking and travel.

Art and Design

Deviant ART
This is one of the most popular social networking site in the world. It has more than 24 million members and 65 million visits each month. Artists can showcase, share or promote their artwork to its community.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

A site for people who love photography, art design, graphic design, fashion and web design. You can also look for design related jobs on this site.

Art Break
This is a really cool site for artists who want to buy or sell their art work.

For Music bloggers

Sound Cloud
Record and share your music to the sound cloud community.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers
A music community for people  who loves music. It lets you record the music you play and recommends a music according to your taste.

Reverb Nation
A great site for musician and artists. You can also search an artist near your city. Its also a great networking site for independent musicians.

Pure Volume
Connect your band to other by sharing your music.

Create a playlist and feature it on your facebook profile.

Environmental blogger

With more than 22 million members, care2 is the most popular and biggest environment, human rights, and green living social networking site.

The social network for sustainability explores jobs, blog, opportunities and more.

For Good looking bloggers

Beautiful People
If you are good looking like me, hehe, just kidding, you can join and meet a lot of good looking people here. But there is a catch, you must be good looking too. If not, they will reject your application. It is also called an elite social networking sites, because only the good looking and rich is allowed to enter.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

For Bloggers
If you want to meet, share and learn from other bloggers, I suggest you join this social networking site. It has millions of bloggers from pro to beginners. You can also post for tips or if you would like someone to help you.

This is where the "masters" of blogging usually hangs out. This community is really helpful in learning, sharing and getting traffic for bloggers.

Top Social Networking Sites for Niche Bloggers

[source: HowKickBlogger]

That's the most of it!

If you happen to know more you can share it to me.


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Useful Tools for Bloggers

Posted On / 4 comments

Useful Tools for BloggersWhen we repair or customize something there is always a handy tool that will make our work easier.

So, here at bloggerpreneur we would like to be that tool to help you optimize your website easier. Besides from the tips and tricks we offer, I will share some tools that I personally use to optimize my blog site.

Check them out! its free and easy to use.

HTML Parser

HTML Parser is a Java library used to parse HTML in either a linear or nested fashion. Primarily used for transformation or extraction, it features filters, visitors, custom tags and easy to use JavaBeans. It is a fast, robust and well tested package.

Check our HTML parser Tool

Hex Color Scheme Generator and CSS Color Chart

This tool is useful for creating your own color scheme. An example is #FFFFFF which is white and #000000 is black 

Use the tool HERE

CSS Optimizer

Optimization is very important to any website, mainly because search engines like Google loves highly optimized fast loading sites. So, we have here a tool that can compress CSS for your Blog.

Use the tool HERE

Page Rank Checker

Checking your websites pagerank is very important because it determines how important your website is. Another advantage of websites having high page rank is the opportunity to make money from advertisers. Usually merchants and business owner advertises on high ranking sites, so you should check your page rank occasionally.

Use the tool HERE

Character Counter Tool

When you are going to write an article or meta description, you should make it sure it's within the required limit so you could attract more traffic to your site. By using this simple tool you can count how many character you made so far.

Use the tool HERE

If you liked it, kindly share to others so that we can help more.

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