18 Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur

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Advantage of an Online EntrepreneurSince I was a kid, we were taught by our parents to graduate college and look for a job. I didn't graduate, but I have a couple of jobs, and both of them did not work for me. To tell you honestly, I am not good dealing with bosses, because I don't like the idea of being pushed around, getting yelled at, and getting blamed on just about anything.

Since quitting a job, I have decided to become an entrepreneur, then joined direct selling. After learning the ethics of an entrepreneur, I finally enter online entrepreneurship.

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Now that I am doing this, I don't know if I will ever get back on a regular job. I guess it depends on the success of my online career.

There are things that I like about this career, so here are Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur.

#1. I can go to work without my pants

In this business you don't need any formal attire. As long as you do your job consistently, you are good. At home I usually wear boxers while blogging, because its comfortable compared to office suits.

#2. No risk

Its because I invested on nothing, nothing is also lost. Compared to traditional business; online entrepreneurship doesn't need office space, hiring workers is optional, etc. In this business, a lot of stuff is free. But if you want to take it to the next level, you should spend on advertising and web hosting domains.

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#3. I can do house chores while working

I keep doing this for almost one year now. My routine is waking up at 9 AM watch a bit of cartoons and NBA. If it is almost 12 noon, I started cooking while blogging till the afternoon. With online entrepreneurship, you can multi task house work while blogging.

#4. You don't have to quit your regular job

This business does not require you to quit your regular job. As a matter of fact, you can do this as long as you have time. Besides winning the lottery, entrepreneurship is the best way to get rich.

#5. You can quit your job

If you are having success with your online business, then I guess its time to quit your regular job and start focusing online. 

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#6. It makes your Internet habit productive

Back then I used to play a LOT of online games. If I didn't learn how to blog, I would still be an online gamer bum. Besides gaming, checking some non sense stuff on FB wastes a lot of my time. 

Being a bloggerpreneur really help change my online habit. It also improve some of my skills that would be necessary to find a concrete job.

#7. Opportunity to earn passive income

Passive income is like going to the beach while earning money. An example is the land lord, he makes no effort yet he makes money at the end of the month.

An online business indeed has the potential to make money, but it is not that simple. It will took a lot of time, strategic thinking, perseverance and a little bit of luck to call your earnings "passive".

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#8. You can't get fired!

Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur
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The worst thing that could happen on an employee is getting fired. We all know it sucks to get fired. Most companies are looking for ways to cut down spending, so they axed some of their employee. 

An entrepreneur sometimes losses its clients, visitors, but you can never loose your job. Because the success of your business is in your hands, no one else.

#9. You have no boss

Finally, no one will yell at you when you do something stupid. An entrepreneur has no boss but himself. If the entrepreneur has an employee's mentality, then don't expect to become rich.

A boss is a leader, a visionary, mentor, a friend, and a jerk who will do anything for success. Even you are the boss of your own, you still has responsibility to your clients, co-workers, and to your spouse.

#10. You can create jobs

Just recently I read an article that Harvard produces the most Billionaires in the world. Probably because their students doesn't look for jobs, they create jobs. Gates and Zuckerberg are just some of the Harvard University products, although they are dropped out students, they are still linked to that school.

#11. You determine your workings hours

Compared to regular jobs, they require strict time management. One of the things we don't like is the hassle of going to work, the traffic, etc. An entrepreneur can go to work when he wants to. But this is not a lazy job. Successful entrepreneurs works 10-12 hours a day for almost 2 years without pay. Even you control your time, it doesn't mean you should slack a lot.

#12. Learn something new everyday.

In regular jobs, learning new everyday is not a requirement. As long as you have the skill to do your work, you are good. But in entrepreneurship, learning everyday is a must. 

You need to be updated with the latest technology, business strategies and a lot more. Learning helps your brain function a lot more sharper.

#13. It helps build your own network

Working in the office will not help you expand your network. In entrepreneurship, it is necessary to interact with different people, and potential customers to expand your business. Through connecting with other people, you learn to communicate and sales talk.

#14. The Internet is a growing market

Advantage of an Online Entrepreneur

Internet users has been growing rapidly for the fast 10 years. A lot of people are now doing business online, whether its shopping or banking, the Internet is a huge marketplace for online entrepreneurs. 

Riding the wave of the Internet boom is great for online entrepreneurs, because it keeps on growing. As more and more people gets access to the Internet, the more potentials for Internet Marketers.

#15. You can do what you love

Online Entrepreneurship gives the freedom to choose what you want and has the potential to create that "dream job" of yours.

#16. It teaches self discipline

An entrepreneur will do things that normal people usually can't. 

Discipline is really hard to teach especially when you apply it to yourself. It is a challenge, but it is a test how strong your will power is.

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#17. You can influence anybody.

An employee you are like a machine, no voice, no choice, you just do what you have been told to do and has no chance to influence other people.

A Successful online entrepreneurs has tons of followers that they can influence daily. You are not only a businessman but also a leader for your clients, visitors and followers. 

#18. You can have unlimited earning potential

In a regular job your salary is usually fixed. If you want a raise, you will need a promotion. 

In entrepreneurship, you don't know how much you could earn. Maybe this month its $50 and the next month it could be $1000 dollars!

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It is not easy

Ah yes! just like any traditional business, online entrepreneurship is not that easy. You won't become successful overnight, it takes years to finally become a successful entrepreneur. 

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If you know the story of Facebook, its founder did not monetize the website at first, he waited for the perfect timing to finally make money out of it. 

Just have patience and continue learning. 

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  1. Part of my small business issue is that I lack time, energy and sometimes, help friends and family. So I really can't quit my day job until I actually get something real that I can work on and make money out of.

    1. Yes, time and energy is really a problem with small business. That is why I dont recommend quitting your job unless you make a descent living on from business.

      But dont quit, two to three income is better than one (c)


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