One reason why your blog is not earning money

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altMake money online has been the trending word on the Internet, whether it is on facebook or twitter you will see a lot of ads linking to making money online. And blogging has been the most popular way to earn money on the Internet.

There are a lot of bloggers around the world trying their luck to be successful online. Based on stats, there are almost 3 millions articles being posted everyday, 500, 000 + of them are from professional bloggers trying to transition their audience from reading to buying.

But the truth is, only about a small percentage of bloggers are actually making money, some are blogging for peanuts, others quit due to frustrations.

The main reason why a lot of bloggers is not earning enough money is because of one important factor, NO ONE LISTENS.

Your audience is your key to success

Every blogging decision you make will decide the outcome of your blogs traffic or the number of audience. Keep in mind that you are blogging to help them, with that you gain reputation, and if your audience trusts you, they will purchase anything you endorse them.

But even though most people has a good amount of traffic, they still can't earn the money they desire.  It is because they targeted the wrong audience.

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Select a profitable audience

If you are writing about something, try to picture your ideal audience, what is he like? does he have the power to purchase? will my writing help them?

Since my blog is about blogging, here is a sample of my target audience, he is 25- 45 years old, got a day job, his blogging skills are new and wanted to learn more, he loves blogging designs, etc... Because he is my target audience I intend to write simple blogging tips, simple installation of blogger tricks for him to understand my writings easily.

In short, your targeted audience should understand the value you are delivering to them. They wanted to know something that you could only deliver it to them. Your content fits perfectly to what they are looking for.

You can see the signs if they like your post on the comments section. Some of them are still hungry for more and will try to email you for updates or inside information. Check out how long your visitors stick to your posts by using Google Analytics.

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Attract your desired audience

The most simple way to attract your profitable audience is to show your expertise, your experience and great results. Help your readers and see their results, if it turned out to be good, they will refer you to their network of people. Carrying yourself as an expert will help build confidence to your readers.

Hang out with them. Find the place where they usually get together, and try guest posting or leave though-provoking comments, in that way they will notice you. Ask questions on what your audience problems, then make a unique post about it or even write an E-book.

At first they will not come to you. Why should they? Prove yourself first and be aggressive. Show up and deliver consistently.

Once they come to your blog, never disappoint them. Keep on writing those unique contents they desire until they beg to do business with you. If you do this correctly, expect a lot of subscriptions and marketing sales.

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Your blogs ugly design will not make you money

Although content is the most important in blogging, its design also plays a big role to attract readers. Its difficult to get your readers interested on your content if you have a bad looking design. If you want to make a good relationship with your audience, you should practice good grooming on your blog sites.

Fist time visitors usually notices your blogs design first, if they find it appealing they will stick around and will come back for more, if it is ugly they will close it immediately without browsing your content.

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Write for a specific niche

Some bloggers write for themselves and some write for everyone. It is both wrong. You should target a specific niche because it adds character to a blog. If your blog doesn't have a specific niche, it won't attract a lot of people and will have a hard time earning money.

If you don't know what topic could make money
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