Is your blog affiliate marketing ready

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Is your blog affiliate marketing ready
Affiliate marketing is a kind of relation between the website owner and the business owner. A webmaster is also called a publisher and the business owner is an advertiser. For a business to success they need to advertise, a website is one of the best way to advertise a product, and that is when affiliate marketing enters. Business owners offers commissions to website owners to publish or advertise their products or service for sale. In other words, bloggers help advertisers sell their products to its readers.

If you want to make huge bucks online I suggest affiliate marketing, because many professional bloggers earn a lot from it. But, it is not easy especially for beginners. For you to become successful you need to have a blog integrated and ready for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing payment method

  • Cost Per Sale- a publisher gets paid if he sells a product.
  • Cost Per Lead- an affiliate receives a commission if he leads a customer to that website.
  • Cost Per 1000 impressions- an advertisers pays the publisher if the ads is viewed 1000 times, this is great for blogs that has a high amount of traffic.
  • Cost Per Click- the merchant pays the publisher if a visitor clicks on an ads, this is the same as Google's Adsense.

Website criteria 

  • Those with high traffic
  • Your readers trust you and has a high credibility
  • Those sites that has a profitable niches 
  • Up to date and always fresh
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Tips to make your blog affiliate marketing ready

1. Make your template ads ready

First thing you need to do is to have a blog template ready for advertising. There are a lot of free blog templates out there you can choose. A good template for ads is very important, because it creates an impact on the products you sell, place them perfectly and they will be easily noticed. Always save some space for your ads.

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2. Write contents related to your product

This is one of the most important thing to remember when you are into affiliate marketing. Your contents should match with your ads. Example, if you are blogging on how to get fit, you should put ads related to fitness and loosing weight, so that you will have a higher chance of selling that product from your audience.

3. Choose only a handful of great products

A lot of publishers didn't make money through affiliate marketing is because they are promoting and trying to sell too many products. You only need to promote a handful of products and remember that it should align correctly with the topic of your site.

4. Create personal reviews

If you are a blogger with high credibility, writing personal reviews on the product you are selling is a great way to get that extra commissions. Most successful bloggers do that, they review a product to be endorsed to their readers. Be sure to be honest because your credibility is on the line. But limit yourself from too much reviews, only mention it when it is relevant to the conversation and then provide it with links. Your goal as a blogger is to entertain and give useful information to your readers not to strictly sell products or else you will loose readers.

5. Do a research on the demand of the product

If you are going to sell, make sure it sells. If its demand is very low chances are that you cannot sell that product no matter how hard you try. Do a survey on what you're readers likes, create a poll on your website to get a hint on what product or service they want.

6. Stay current and up to date

Affiliate marketing is very competitive and that is why you need to be consistently up to date about your topic and the products you are endorsing. You need to be updated on the latest techniques or else you will be left behind.

7. Choose the right merchant 

Promoting a product is also promoting the company and the person behind it. Do your homework, check if the merchant has a good track record. Your credibility is on the line, you give advice to people to buy that product, if they are very unhappy with the product they purchase they probably won't come back for more and you will loose readers. Just make sure you are endorsing a product or service that will satisfy their needs.

8. Track your affiliate marketing campaign

You need to use different product promotion for your campaign, in that way you will know what works and what doesn't. Changing your strategy here and there can dramatically increase your profit. Try changing or experimenting with your ad banners, monitor the behavior of your readers and check where the ads are visible or where it blends perfectly with your website. Most affiliate programs gives you basic statistics on your campaign, so use it.

If you keep this in mind, you will earn a lot of money and not loose a single readers instead they will refer your service and you will increase more visitors and potential customers. A structured plan is always need to become successful in affiliate marketing.


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  1. Good article. I would be careful with merchants you register with. Carefully read about the merchants that you want to work with and what the percentage of commission they will pay you. Some pay more than others and some are more reputable than others. Check online with the BBB or other business agencies to see if there were past problems noted about this merchant.


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