what if the internet did not exist

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what if the internet did not existIt supposed to be for military use only, but now everyone uses it. The Internet, our number 1 source for information, the main reason bloggers like me exists has become a basic needs for most people. Based on statistics since 2002 the Internet users around the world has quadrupled to almost 2.3 Billion users. What if it didn't exist? how will mankind adopt a life without Internet technology.

I will share to you my views on this topic because yesterday was suppose to be the end of the world, but it didn't happen and I don't believe on the prediction anyway . For me life without the Internet is like doomsday, because I do some of my hobbies on the Internet like blogging and online gaming.

Here are some facts that might not happen if the internet did not exist.

No Google

Google has been our tool to do a lot of things on the Internet, like research, advertising, business and many more. If it doesn't exist we will go back researching on the Library there will be no easy assignments.

No emails

Ever since it was invented it become one of the most important tool on sending mails because it is fast, accurate, and free. Unlike before, sending mails is a hassle you go to the post office, buy some cute stamps, then it took days and even months for the mail to arrive, sometimes it get lost. If it doesn't exist we are still paying a lot of money for long distance calls and delayed air mails.

No more online videos

Before, we watch videos on DVD and VCD players, since the day it has been created it changed our entertainment lifestyle. If it doesn't exist, we will probably go back recording our favorite TV show on VCR while we are away, sharing videos to your friends and family will be hard, watching our favorite music video will only be available on MTV.

But there is an advantage, there will no more pornography, and video scandals. Most people can only access adult entertainment on Playboy or any other magazines, and it costs money, unlike on the internet it is FREE. There is a saying "the internet is created for porn" I believe in that because majority of web surfers watches porn every minute.

No online games

I kinda like this because I am an  old school gamer. I played Nintendo when I was a little boy up to now I still love classic games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. If there is no online games, gaming console would be a big hit. The world of warcraft will never rule the world of MMORPG and DoTA addicts will finally come to an end.

But gaming interaction will be limited, you can only compete against artificial intelligence enemies which is sometimes boring because their movements are predicted and you can't taunt them when you kick their ass. Playing against different players ads a spice to your gaming experience.

No more Piracy

Most pirated videos and softwares can be downloaded on the internet. If it didn't exist, the music industry and other companies will earn more because pirates will now have a hard time stealing their products.

No online dating

Lovers will have a hard time looking for each other. Online dating sites has been very popular to old divorced/ separated men and women and if it didn't exist they probably playing golf or chess. The advantage for me is that, online child exploitation will be limited. I can relate to that because I live in a small town where women and girls ages 14 to 100 are looking for an online partner.

Here are more

  • A complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica costs $1200. Cost of online content $0.00
  • In the US alone it employs 1.2 million people directly. A total of 3.05 million people make a living on the internet. They earn a total of $300 billion which is equivalent to the entire GDP of Greece.
  • 65% of people get their news online.
  • Revolutions would take longer. In just one week Egyptians organized 90, 000 people using social networking sites. It only took 18 days to overthrow 30 years of dictatorship.

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