7 Reasons Why Students Should Start Blogging

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Compared to 10 years ago, most students today has fast access to the Internet and I think its time that most students should start blogging or practice their expertise online. They should start worrying about their job prospects because not all companies these days relies on diploma to accept a candidate for work but rather on its skills and its willingness to work and improve more.

Blogging is a powerful tool to impress your future boss, and here I will explain why you should start your very own blog.

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1. Its your portfolio

If you are going to submit your application to future employers, always include your blog together with your e-mail and contact details. That way they will know what you have been up to besides the details you have input on your resume. A blog is a great way to show your actual skills to get a job. Lets say you blog about Search Engine Marketing, then you apply to an advertising company, chances of getting hired is higher than those who have no blogs.

2. It shows your determination

If you have been reading from my past articles, I always say that blogging is not easy and tough. To be successful online there a lot of requirements like, consistent posting, writing quality articles, the willingness to learn everyday, networking to other people etc... all of that requires a lot of determination. 

Having a successful blog is a plus point for your future career because you learn to be patient and persistent. Veteran bloggers always know that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

3. You create your own network

Blogging attracts readers, and it creates your own network. Sometimes you will encounter professionals related to your field,  and you should build a  solid relationship them, because you will learn a lot from it and will gain you exposure.

Use social networking sites like Twitter to promote your blog and start gaining attention to them by:

  • Guest post to their blog
  • Offer guest posting to your blog
  • Write a review about their books or e-books
  • Mention them in a blog post with a link.
  • Collaborate with them on future projects

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4. You could become an expert and extends your knowledge

Blogging is not just writing, it requires consistent up to date learning. If you have been blogging about a certain topic for many years, then you could become an expert on that. You also learn how to engage with readers and use social media as a tool to promote your brand or business, and it is a plus point when applying for a business company.

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5. Potential Internet stardom

It might be rare but, you could actually become a celebrity on the Internet. Its not just You tube that gives exposure to talented, bloggers has also its share of stardom.

Successful blogger creates a horde of followers, and here are some of them:

These are just a small list, if I miss someone you know who you are.

6. Builds reputation to your future co-workers and boss.

Your blog is your portfolio and whatever reputation you have online could be your reputation to your future career. Having a good reputation online will give your boss and co- workers a hint on your work attitude, skills, and how you communicate with other people. It gives transparency to your talents that might help you and your future company.

7. It makes money

One of the best reason to blog is to make money. Its hard to make a living out of it, but blogging is a low risk high income opportunity. Besides the money you get from it, blogging is actually fun.

There are a number of ways to earn money through blogging, and that's what this blog is all about, helping ordinary blogger become online entrepreneurs.

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I would like to inspire young students to start their own presence online. Instead of playing DoTA a lot I suggest blogging because it opens new opportunities and of course makes money. I know a lot of bloggers as young as 14 years old already earns more money than I am.

But keep in mind that you blog not for money but to help people and that should be your main goal as a blogger.


Did I miss something? Let me read your thoughts.

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  3. A Well Written Series of Articles It Is..!! Thanks For Putting This Hard Work In Making This Great Series of Blogging Tips..!!
    Recently Posted: 7 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills-Quickly

  4. it's fulfilling, I'm a beginner blogger myself and I know how thrilling it is when I see my pageviews increase or when I've succeeded in finishing an article, I just love the feeling.


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