How to earn money on CashCrate: Tips and Tricks

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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!If you are looking for GPT (get paid to) websites then I suggest joining CashCrate. This site provides legitimate ways to earn money, from surveys to completing offers.

Finding a "get paid to" websites is a challenge because there are a lot of scam sites out there and is a waste of time, but CashCrate is a trusted website and it has a good reputation for paying people when its pay out time.

To earn a profit on CashCrate you need to complete free paid online surveys, games, shop, and earn more points for prizes.

If you are already a member or just planning to join, I have here tips to get you started and earn money fast. There is absolutely NO COST to make money on CashCrate, so your money is safe.

Here are my tips on how to earn money on CashCrate: Tips and Tricks.

Create a new email account for cash offers

If you are using GPT websites, you should always use a different email accounts. Mainly because you will be asked to complete surveys in which requires email address.

The email you enter when joining these kinds of sites will receive spam emails, so the alternative way to avoid this, is to create a new one or just separate it from your main account. Another reason is, they already have your information, and therefore, do not want to pay you for the same information.

But if you are completing daily surveys, use the same email account that you are using to sign in.

Download roboform free software

Completing offers is one of the ways to earn money on CashCrate. For me it is kinda boring because you keep on repeating, inputting data s and email address and it is also time consuming. If you want to speed up your earning you should download RoboForm which is free. Roboform is an automated form-filling software that is recommended for CashCrate and any other GPT site.

Download RoboForm

Enable cookies on your computer

If you are using a browser like Mozilla Fire fox you should enable cookies on your computer. Every time you fill out a form or completed a survey, leaves a cookie on your computer and it is required so that you can receive credit for your actions. If it is disabled, advertisers can't leave a cookie on your computer and you will not get paid for your efforts.

Clear cookies after receiving credits

A cookie is left on your computer after you completed an offer. If you are actively using CashCrate to earn money, will be taking a lot of offers from the same advertisers and you need to delete those cookies after you receive credits to keep on receiving offers from that advertiser. Use CCleaner to delete those cookies fast.

Download CCleaner

Enter valid contact details

This is very important, enter your valid name, email, and sometimes phone number into offer forms. If you put in fake details you will not get paid or sometimes get banned and loose earnings.

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