Reasons to quit your job and start blogging

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Are you tired with your current job, under payed and often get yelled by your boss?

I always dream t of becoming a pilot someday, but with high tuition for going to school, I guess it is impossible for me to follow that dream now.

Being an employee offered some benefits for a small time, but how about in the future, would you still enjoy the same income you receive for the next 20- 40 years until you retire?

I have many personal reasons for me to quit a regular job, because I know it will not make happy and become financially stable when I grow old, unless you are a very famous entertainer or a dirty politician, I guess you should stick with that if all you wan't is money.

This decade is the information age, and information is money! Internet is the number one source of information today. So I decided to make a profitable business online.

Time has changed, we don't need a good office apartment or a building to start a business. Even at home you could start your online business right away.

Blogging is not a business, it is something you are passionate about and you share it to the world. But you can situate your business around the blog.

A blog has the potential to drive target audience about your service. With proper marketing and advertising you could make a living online.

Sounds Interesting eh, well, I give you reasons to quit your job and start blogging.

You are the boss. 

How many CEO in a company? only one right. If you work on a company, chances of becoming a CEO (chief executive officer) is almost impossible.

One of the best things about blogging is that you are your own boss, you are the CEO and you can make your own decisions to grow your business. Starting a blog is very easy, all you need is a vision and the determination to pursue it.

A lot of bloggers fail because they have no goal, they just do it and suddenly quit. As a boss of a company you will make decisions and do most of the work to give your business an edge over competitors.

You will need to connect with potential customers. It will take a lot of time- you must build it to earn it.

You could double or even triple your paycheck

When I started building an online business, it was hard. I  never been into a business before. It took make 8 months to finally see some progress. Frustration starts to take over, but I have a goal, frustrations will not stand in my way.

When I finally receive my first paycheck it was very small, by the second it has doubled! And I know if I keep my spirits high and my determination I maybe can triple it.

One of the mistakes I did was, I have no goal at first, I spend about 6-8 everyday reading other blogs and how to create beautiful designs. I am more of a designer than a writer. I didn't have a specific niche that time. During my early days as a blogger I spend them on experimenting, but those mistakes were necessary, I have learned blogging the hard way through trial and error.  I was grateful I had many failures, because I know it will lead me closer to success.

If you are not into full time doing business online, you can still have success. There are a lot of professionals with common jobs but still doing great online.

You can’t control how much you earn as an employee, but with a blog, you could. Blogging takes hard work to bring results, which makes it fantastic. Rather than working hard on someone else’s business, why not work hard on your blog? And consequently grow your business.

Blogging will make you an expert

Benefits of blogging is beyond making money. You could be an expert if you work smart. Not only you write, you also create connection, you learn to use social media and search engine marketing to your advantage. You also learn how to target potential customers to introduce your brand.

As an employee, you are only doing what you are told. In blogging you could do a lot of things, you can even touch other peoples life. You could be a traveler, a photographer, a gaming expert! you could still do that while earning. You are the expert of what you are sharing to the world through your blog. Just be passionate about it, do not think about money when starting how to blog. You should always think about your goals, how it can entertain or help people, those factors are important to be successful in blogging. An employee doesn't have a voice, but a blogger has.

If you are not sure to quit your job and start blogging then do not do it. You just have to wait when you are ready.

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