5 Ugly Websites That Makes My Eyes Bleed

Even its already 2013, there are still a lot of ugly looking websites out there. Designed by a webmaster with no taste for beauty or even just plain simplicity. These blogs and websites is a sore to my eyes and I can't take look at them even for just a minute.

Factors that makes this websites horrible are

  • Poor Navigation
  • Colors that pierces your eyes
  • At first visit you can say "WTF!"
  • No concept. It is just online garbage
  • No clarity
  • Loading speed could turn your hair grey

Prepare your reading glasses some of this could hurt you a little and lets make fun of the 5 Ugly websites that makes my eyes bleed. 

#5. YALE School of Art... Really? More like the School of Art Destruction!

I can't believe this is an official website of an Art School. If you look at its web design, its garbage. Although I can still read the letters, the navigation is really bad.

I may know only a little about art and for some people, this could be art. But its really ugly and has some elements that are useless. The colors are also blended badly.

And... whats with the cat with a cape? Does this suppose to be the websites banner?

I have read its "about me" page and it says, the website is continuously evolving and its content can edited by YALE Art School graduates. It is like an ongoing school project by college kids where you can screw it anytime you want.

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#4. Do you feel depressed? Call the Suicide Hotline but don't visit their website

Depression is serious and dangerous, it could lead to suicide. And when you feel like killing yourself, go to your love ones, ask for comfort or advice. Then go to an expert to ease your depression, but never visit suicidehotlines.com, because it may add stress instead of helping you.

Check out the art work! It has crying girl drawn by a 3 year old and an old school telephone from the 80's.

Looking at this site is stressful, it makes me sleepy. Its designer must felt the same and maybe he is the one who really needs help. 

#3. A Super bad website created to be... Ugly

Whoever designed this website is really good, and I mean good. Because he purposely created this to show the mistakes of most web designers. He intended to make it look bad so web designers could avoid them.

He did a good job creating all the bad elements of a website. This website is so bad that it gives me headaches. I recommend visiting this site for new web designers. Its educational, but I don't know if you can survive reading it for an hour.

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#2. Jesus will punish these guys for creating him a horrible website!

Beware: viewing this site could cause motion sickness, headaches and epilepsy.

I had to put a warning sign on this one and I am not putting an image of it either. This site is so bad, not only it hurts my eyes it also gives me difficulty breathing. 

If you can take viewing this site for 10 minutes, you are a tough guy, because viewing it is like torture. I only last 1.2 seconds visiting this site and immediately closes it. 

#1. The Afterlife... 

Beware: Visiting this site could cause seizures.

This is another religious website just like #2. It is a close match between the two but I say this is number 1. After looking at it I see no purpose but to give visitors a bad experience that makes you wanna say "wtf!?".

This is an abomination to websites. These are some of the factors why it sucked a lot.
  • Unlimited amount of GIF images
  • It keeps scrolling upward
  • No navigation
  • In the end there is a baby holding a guitar with a lot of cross on its sides which is creepy.
  • Too many to mention...

These are just few of the most horrible websites in the world, but they are indeed a sore to my eyes. I still don't get it why there are still a lot of people can't create a very simple website. 

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Did I miss something? Let me read your thoughts.

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