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Kumusta! today I will share to you how to start up and create your very first blog on I recommend this blogging platform for those who has no budget for hosting or for those who knows little or none about HTML or CSS, you can also earn money blogging through Google Adsense. But before we start I would like to share to you the Advantage and Disadvantage of


  • Easy to use. If you have a google account, you can use it to log in into, once you finished signing up you can start blogging right away!
  • No need to install anything. 
  • Domain name is free. Although you can see a in your domain name, it is still free. You can remove it later if you want.
  • Very easy to post. If you are familiar with microsoft word or paint, then you will not have a hard time using blogger when posting articles, because it looks like the same. Its dashboard is user friendly and easy to use.
  • One dashboard. All you need is one account and you can create multiple blogs and you can manage them all in one dashboard.
  • Blog theme is easy to change. If you can't design your own template, there are many sites that offer blogger templates, you can try them without cost.
  • No special skills needed. You don't need to be techie savvy, but a little knowledge would definitely help.
  • Google friendly. 


  • Limited flexibility. Compared to self hosted blogs like, your blogger has its limitation on terms of flexibility. Some blogger blogs almost looked the same because it has limitations on its design. 
  • You don't own your blog. Although you own your articles and posts, is owned by Google. It is just like you are renting an office space that is not yours. 
  • Google can delete your blog anytime. If you violate some of their rules on using blogger, your blog can easily be deleted, and it sucks a lot! all of your hardwork could banish anytime if Google wants to.
  • Blog name is long. Having "" in your blog domain could be annoying. Most people are used to typing without a sub domain. 
  • SEO limitations. It could be, it could be not. Actually for me it depends on the blogger itself on how he markets on search engines. But has no SEO plugins compared to wordpress. In SEO is done manually.

Now we are done with the introduction lets begin creating a blog on

How to create a blog on

1. Go to You can sign in using your Google account if you have one. If you have no Google account you should create one.

2. Once you are done signing in, go to your blogger dashboard and click on new blog. As you can see on the image above you will put the title of your blog and its URL. I suggest you use a domain name that matches with your blog topic. Once the address is available you can choose templates below and click on create blog.

3. Now that you have a blog you can start posting articles. Design your blog some other time, you need to have at least 15 articles on your blog. And you are done!

If you have some questions about redesigning it you can comment below or visit my my articles about blogger tips, widgets, and tricks.

Happy blogging!

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