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If you are into Internet Marketing, you probably know about The site provides rankings and useful information about a website. Its traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa toolbar users and data from other diverse sources.

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Importance of Alexa Rankings

Besides Google pagerank, every blogger loves to have a lower alexa rankings. The better your blog rank the more traffic it could generate.

If you want to monetize your blog or website I suggest you should sign up for alexa and start gaining some ranks because Advertisers value websites that has a good alexa rankings. Websites ranking 100,000 below are considered as a worldwide top site. Remember that the lower Alexa rankings you have the more advertisers are willing to pay and the more you could generate money for your site.

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If you want to have your ranks just follow these simple steps.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rankings

1. Go to their website

Go to and sign up. Add your website to their listings and claim your site after. Then put your alexa ranking banner to your site. If you wan't to hide it from your home page, just put it on your "about" page so people will know how well you ranked on alexa.

Download the alexa toolbar and install it on your computer. This tool will monitor your sites performance and other blogs as well. It is great for webmasters because you can always see the rankings of other blogs and you can compare them with yours.

If you are on wordpress, install Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress. This plugin will edit all your internal blog links and will add before all hyperlinks so this will boost the Alexa ranking, because before content reaches destination, they are sent to Alexa to create awareness.

2. Write a post about Alexa

I am doing it right now. If you want to boost your alexa rank, write an article and link back to their site. I am sure you will rank better.

3. Set your blog as your home page

Once you have downloaded their tool bar. Set your blog as your default web browser home page, so that it will increase your number of visits on your alexa toolbar.

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4. Content is always important

Your blogs content will always be one of the most important part in your site's performance and rankings. High quality contents ranks good on search engines as well as alexa ranks.

Besides good contents, the consistency of how often you post articles will also affect your ranks. I notice it when I browse the Internet, then I see sites with very good contents but now are loosing traffic and the reason is  that they they don't post articles regularly.

5. Get your blog listed on web directories

Submit your sites to many web directories as many as possible. That way you will increase traffic for your blog.

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6. Backlinks

Alexa and other seach engines evaluates backlinks firmly. If they see your backlinks are mostly paid and has no quality links, they can devaluate those links. For you to have a healthy link building strategy, try commenting on other blogs related to your topic. The main purpose of commenting is to build a relationship with the blog owner and receive quality backlinks to your site.  Having a lot of backlinks related to your topic will be a plus points to search engines and alexa rankings.

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7. Review your site on Alexa

If you want to get noticed, you should promote your blog and let other people review it on Having a lot of reviews will definitely give a boost on rankings.

Review my blog and I will review yours. If you want your site to be reviewed, kindly contact me using the comment form below.


I have here statistics of my blog 3 months ago

Based on statshow, my global ranking 3 months ago is 5,578,176 and reaches roughly 2,550 users and about 5,640 pageviews per month.

After following the right method of blogging my global ranking increased dramatically by 1,303%! As of today my global rank is

I may not impress you with my results, but I am happy with it. I own many blogs and this is the fastest ranked blog I have created. Probably because I have matured over time, experience is indeed the best teacher and I know I could do more if I keep on learning.

Did I miss something? Let me read your thoughts

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  1. Hello Dustin, love your blog. I'm actually following your instructions. The greatest challenge for me is writing - hope i'll get better.

    1. Same here, I still have trouble writing, but I am learning that's the most important thing. My tricks is simple in writing just answer this question before you hit the publish button.

      Is my writing clear to my readers?
      Is it interesting?
      Is it though provoking?
      Does it help?
      Does it entertain them?

      You can answer these questions yourself by reviewing your post before publishing. I am sure you will get better, there is always room for improvements. Remember blogging is not a sprint its a marathon, god bless :)

  2. I wasn't aware about these things but now i will try my best to follow these tips and i hope these tips will surely be bring the best for me. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips with us.
    website design


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