6 Signs You Need a New Job

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6 Signs You Need a New JobThe hardest part of quitting your job is figuring out if you should do it. A lot of people are thinking twice about leaving their job mainly because they don't know if it is the right thing to do, or where should I work after quitting. There are times that being burned out in your job can do more harm than good so you need to quit your job and move on with a new one, here are some list why.

1. You can't get along with your boss

If your boss is being such a jerk, an A-hole, or whatever reasons you two can't get along, I think you need to look for a new career. Having unhealthy relationship with your boss is very stressful and chances of getting a salary raise is very slim.

2. You hate your job

Based on my experience, I know a lot of people hated their jobs and most of them are registered nurses. They chose that career because it is in demand in other countries, without knowing if they actually liked nursing. Besides being a stressful job, nurses in the Philippines get very low salary.

A sign that you hated your job is when you wake up in the morning and hated the though of going to work. If you are getting paid lower based on your skills, no overtime pay, the job is not right for you then  I guess its time to move on and find a right job for you.

3. You have very stressful environment

If your job is very stressful and is causing health problems, you can't sleep, you put stress on your relationship with family and friends, then look for a new job. Your unhealthy working environment will only do more harm to you and your relationship with other people.

4. Your company is in trouble

No matter how important your job to your company is, if its future is grim I think you should leave and find a new job. Companies having a lot of problems will cause firing a lot of workers and even delaying your salaries. Most workers will end up striking, so consider looking for a new job if your company is in some kind of big trouble.

5. You can't make enough money for your family

Everyone has a dream, we want to have a nice house, a car, a family, and a stable job, if we worked too long for that chosen career but still not getting those things that we dreamed of, I guess its time you look for a new job. You expects a raise but couldn't get one, it only means your skills are undervalued.

At first we are happy with our job, we are content of our salary but there are times that we needed more money, especially for our family. There are points in our life that we get married, got kids, and someday pay for their college tuition, that is why we need more money as we grow old.

6. You simply lost interest

Sometimes we simply lost interests in our jobs or get burned out. So I have here signs or behavior to tell a person if he lost interest in his job

  • All you care about is paycheck
  • Come early and you go home early, you hate overtime
  • You spend about 2-3 hours of non-related work stuff like playing plants vs zombies, angry birds, or surfing the internet just to pass the time.
  • You cannot focus on a particular activity without a dose of caffeine.
  • You feel you are not challenged.
  • You stop caring about other colleagues.
  • Always looking at the clock so you can go home early.
  • You look forward more on social interactions, like parties rather than work.
  • You get sleepy all the time.

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