8 Blogging Habits to include in your Daily Routine

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If you want to improve and be consistent on something you like to do, whether its a hobby, work or business there is always a routine. Just like blogging, it might be a hobby, but for others its a profession and these habits are necessary to help us succeed in the long run.

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The blogging habits that you must include in your daily routine.

Habit #1. Update Regularly


Blogs should be updated regularly to function properly. But it doesn't mean you have to publish everyday. Create a schedule when you want to post new articles because most readers will always come back for more latest content. Updating also gives your blog the benefits to rank higher on search engines.

Habit #2. Keep yourself Updated


Besides posting regularly, keeping yourself updated related to your blog topic is a must. Blogging requires continuous learning to enhance your knowledge on that certain topic. Follow other blogs related to you, watch TV, or magazine, just keep on learning because it will help you give a hint on what to write next.

Habit #3. Respond to Comments


Paying attention to comments would help get you closer to your audience. Respond to them or if they need help give them valuable information. Give them a reason to come back by interacting with your visitors through comments. If your blog is getting bigger, expect haters to come and comment nonsense stuff against you and your blog. Don't be rattled, just calm down and talk to them peacefully because sometimes your harsh critic could be your number 1 fan.

Habit #4. Learn something about your blogging platform


Whether it is blogspot or wordpress, a blogger should know how his/her blogging platform works. You don't need to do the hard part, there are basics like installing plug ins or learning how to make banners. For non tech savvy it could take time to learn all, but slowly you will get there. Subscribe to blogging tutorial sites like bloggerpreneur to get the latest tips on blogger.

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Habit #5. Building backlinks

Backlinks are the currency on the Internet that is why you need to created quality backlinks for your site to improve traffic and pagerank. Besides increase in traffic, it also gives you authority over the Internet. You can build backlinks through comments on other blogs related to your site, make sure that it is not spammy and is related to the topic. Guest posting also gives the benefits of linking back to your site. Other building link technique are creating internal links to your blog.

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Habit #6. Revisit old Posts


You don't have to do this everyday but if you have time you should visit some of your old blog post. Edit some of it and try to make an article series through those old articles, in that way it will be rejuvenated and old articles will have the chance to go viral once again.

Habit #7. Take a break once a while


Although this article talks about daily blogging routine, we should also know the significance of relaxation. Blogging requires a lot of thinking, that is why sometimes we get burned out and get tired. Taking a break once a while will help rejuvenate your thinking brain. Chill, after you take a break, come back with a bang!.

Habit #8. Everyday Goals are Important

Set a habit that you need to achieve a goal everyday. Whether it is posting a new article, commenting to other blogs or redesigning your template, make sure you have done something good for the day. As long as you have the routine of goal setting you will never fail and only time will tell when it is time for you to shine.

Do you have your own routine? Let me hear it from you.

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  1. My routine as a blogger (when I have time):
    1. Write a blog post after inspiration
    2. Interact with commentators
    3. Interact with fans or followers in Social Media Pages (Facebook Page, Twitter, etc)
    4. Comment on related blogs and articles
    5. Be involve in communities (Blogger Forums, Niche Forums, niche social networks, etc)
    6. Upsell and upscale monetary methods.

    1. Nice list, I like number 1, write a post after inspiration. Other are regular routines.

      we have the same routine on number 6 I like analyzing monetary methods $-)

  2. Thanks for these tips! I'm new to blogging, and this will really help.

    Especially #8 :D Sometimes I get caught up in just thinking of new topics or commenting on other sites.

    1. yeah, I get caught up in number 8 too. Sometimes laziness takes over, hehe...

      I've seen your blog, its really cool and has a high potential for monetization. Thanks for dropping by $-)

  3. Very important tips to get success. Thank you for reminding me these again! :) Thanks

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