How to make money from donations

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How to make money from donations

Blogging is not really a sure way to make money, there are certain niches that don't generate income. And because those niches are not friendly for advertisers you don't make a living out of it, but you need to pay the hosting bills, electricity, Internet connection etc. which leads us to use donations as a form of funding.

Not all bloggers are dedicated to make money, most of them blog for humanity purposes, and public service. And today I will share two ways to make money through donations.

Create a Paypal donation button

PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via mobile devices and in store, it is also used for donations. So lets make a donation button for your blog or website, the only requirements you need is an email and a PayPal account.

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Click on "merchant service"

3. Scroll down and click "donation"

4. Fill out the forms needed, and click "create button"

How to make money from donations

5. After clicking the "create button" copy the code, then go to your account > layout > add gadget > click HTML/javascript > then hit save.

Create a gofundme account

How to make money from donations

If you don't have a blog or a website, you can create your own donation site through Setting up an account is easy just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to

2. Click "sign up"

3. Enter your email and password or you can log in using your facebook account

4. Enter your goal amount, title, your purpose just like "I need to pay my hosting bills" and that's it you are all set.

Promote your account to facebook to increase your chances of getting donations, send your link to relatives and friends. Remember to keep on updating your funds and say thank you to those generous people who helped you.

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  2. I actually love this idea, but disagree with you that bloggers cannot be a sure way to making money. I have a fellow blogger who operates a tech blog and earns huge from it every week.


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