13 Reasons I will leave your blog in 20 seconds

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I have been thinking about this for a long time, on what turn people off on a website and leave in under a minute without checking out its content. What can you do to make them stay? does your site really sucks?

Before I became a blogger I was a web surfer, I just love going to different websites checking them out, if I see something interesting I will bookmark them. If I found some good sites, of course there is always those horrible blogs and website that are worth leaving under 20 seconds. Lets start what makes me leave your site instantly.

1. Pop ups

Again and again pop ups are really annoying, I don't like them it distracts my view and my mood. My laptop is old, and usually pop ups are reasons why it hanged a lot. Ad pop ups like clixsor annoys me, when I see them I instantly closes the whole site.

2. Auto played video

When I want to read, I want it to be silent as possible and sites having those auto played video distracts my reading pleasure. I don't care if it has a great quality content, but when there is such an annoying video popping up from nowhere I don't hesitate leaving and pressing that "x" button.

3. Slow loading speed

I am living in a rural area where Internet is really slow, so when I am visiting a site that took me more than minutes to fully view its homepage, it makes me wanna leave. A blog or website should be fast loading and don't put too much graphics, it affects your loading speed.

4. Badly designed navigation

I have seen this site having very bad navigation but it has great content I even subscribe on its email list but I rarely visit that site because it gives me headaches navigating and also takes around 3 minutes to load because it is a flash based website. A sites navigation needs to be intuitive, descriptive and straightforward.

5. Ads over content

This is one of the mortal sin in blogging that you must not do. Remember that you blog to express yourself and not to publish ads. Also having lots of ads makes your site slower and its not only annoying to the eyes it also tests your patience waiting. Sites having tons of ads instead of contents makes me wanna leave and never come back, ever!

6. Immediate registration demands

Have you visited a site where you can't access its content but have to register first? I have, and my answer was clicking the close button.

7. Auto sound

I hate it when there is noise while reading. If your site has an auto sound or an auto mp3 player I will not come back visiting. I think it is OK but please don't put it on auto play, people get irritated hearing songs that they don't like.

8. Ugly design

First impression lasts, that is why you need to make a beautiful designed website or blog because its design is the first thing that people notice. If your blog is badly designed visitors will leave your site in an instant.

9. Too much flashing, graphics and scrolling kind of shit

If I see a blog that looks like a nightclub I click the close button in just a second. I don't like those flying flashing kind of thing, and even too much scrolling on the side bar, because it makes your site looks childish. Just make it simple, no shit kind of stuff and people will appreciate your sites simplicity.

10. Dead blog

If I see a blog in which its latest posts in from the year 2003 then I won't bother reading or visiting it. A blog needs to be fresh and updated because most people are looking for something new not old.

11. Bad choice of colors

Colors are important when reading, a light-friendly to the eye colors are the ones you should choose when designing your blog. Do not use dark colors on blog post color backgrounds, it makes me cry while reading.

12. Poor spelling and grammar

If your site is about teaching some stuff then you should learn how to be good in grammar, you don't need to worry about spelling if you activate spelling checker. Having poor grammar confuses your readers and makes them wanna leave and never come back again.

I am not really good in English,  but I am trying my best to express my thoughts on a foreign language

13. Boring

If you are blogging then make it interesting. Some sites are really boring, no life, no clarity on what it is about, author also boring, they just write on whats on their mind and that is all, no about me page, no popular posts, no comments, in short no no no no one will like a boring blog like that! and you are just wasting your time blogging, just watch TV instead.

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  1. Agreed. Especially if another website has a flash intro before entering is like having a singing and dancing fat guy blocking your only entrance to a supermarket.

  2. yes, i experienced many site with most annoying thingy

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