Paid to click programs can't make you rich!

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Paid to click programs can't make you rich!Paid to click programs (PTC) are those sites that lets you earn money by clicking on their ads. PTC sites offers about $0.0001 to $0.02 per click, if they offer $1.00 or more it should be a scam site.

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I have been with PTC sites before, but I quit due to a very small commissions per click. I hardly makes $1 a day, its like P40.00 pesos per day for about 2 hours (thanks to our slow internet connection), if I go longer electricity bills will kill me. Sure, I can upgrade my account but no thanks, clicking ads everyday is boring, and its not fun either.

A lot of people are joining these sites mainly for the following reason.
  • It is the easiest way to make money. Clicking on ads is very simple, anyone can do it. No skills needed (not really).
  • Membership is free. You can pay if you want an upgrade but it is optional.
  • You can see your results. If you join PTC sites you can see your earning on your screen which motivates you to click more, which is more real.
  • Main reason is to make money .
PTC sites can actually earn you money, and you can join a lot of sites for higher earning potential. The downside of joining many sites is that you will get tired sometimes, repeating the same routine all over again... click, log in, click, log in, click, log in... believe me you will get bored.

Besides clicking on ads, referring other people to join can also earn you money, which is I think is the most effective strategy to earn on PTC programs. The number of people you referred will determine your success. If you have a hard time referring people, earning big bucks with PTC sites is just a dream. It's because you cannot mainly depend on clicks to earn a lot of money.

Referring people is hard task, you need to have online marketing techniques, which is a SKILL needed to make money even on simple programs like Paid to Click.

Who says about easy money? Even on PTC sites skills are needed. 

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PTC programs is the like a leprechaun we see on cereal boxes, he keeps chasing a pot of gold through a rainbow, in the end there are no gold all he sees was cereal. This kind of programs promises huge earning potentials but in the end, results are just a small bucks and that is why paid to click programs can't make you rich!

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  1. Nice post, yet a large number of people are still believing in these scam programs. If they want, they can work online for free and start learning how the online market works.

    1. Sadly yes, real online jobs are the ones that require a bit of skill and hard work. Because there is no such thing as easy money, even on the Internet :)


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