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How to Choose a profitable blog niche | Most Profitable TopicGood day everyone! Today I will share to you a tips on how to choose a profitable blog niche. Since one of the main topic of this blog is making money, then I will guide you all the way to finally getting your first pay check. This topic is for beginners or those who failed making money using their blogs.

One of the first step in making a profitable blog is selecting a niche that could generate revenue. Not every niche topic is profitable for example is, life tips blogs, one of the reason it will not generate revenue is because there are no advertisements about  that said topic. Adsense will have a hard time giving you ads to display.

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If you want to succeed you should keep in mind of your Interest, hobby and expertise as well as popularity, competition and profitability of that topic when choosing a topic area.

Here are my tips on how to choose a profitable blog niche

1. Make a blog out of your hobby or interest. Do you like designing your own clothes? then share and make a blog about it, who knows someone might just discover you. The important thing is you have fun doing it. For start ups, money is not the main reason why you blog.

2. Topic area must be huge. Choosing a niche should not only be of your interest, but also has the potential to attract a huge amount of visitors. Don't blog about yourself, because it will not generate income. You also need to select a topic where you can create a lot of articles so that readers will be coming back everyday looking for something new.

3. Search volume must be high. If you have selected a niche where only a hundred people search it every month, then don't do it, you will not make a profit out of it.

I have here the 10 most profitable niche of 2012
  • Health and Fitness. There is not doubt that these niche could generate millions of dollars. According to a finance book, anti aging and the health industry is the next trillion dollars!
  • Insurance. This is the 2nd most profitable blog niche. Topics include life insurance, automobile, health insurance, etc.
  • Internet, web hosting. There is no doubt that this niche could generate income. This blog's niche actually belongs to that category. Computer hardware, software reviews, downloads, internet security suites, SEO tools, SEO automation software, Domain name registrations, web hosting, networking tools etc. are the hottest topics here.
  • Banking and finance. This is a very high paid niche. Topics include banking in general, credit cards, loan repayment, debt consolidation, credit management, finance and etc.
  • Legal / Lawyer related. Searches for attorneys and lawyers has increased ad bidding rates related with this topic. Finding lawyers, specialized attorney helps etc. can increase your benefits, from a blog with related content.
  • Automobiles. Use of automobiles are increasing day by day. Blogs intended to help people in finding suitable vehicles, review of vehicles, automobile loans, used vehicle sale etc. is blooming in this niche.
  • Real Estate. Real estate ads attract huge revenues. Topics like building planning, real estate flip sale, rent, lease etc. will earn you a better living.
  • Dating and relationships. Lonely people with cash, makes this niche a hot one. Dating tips, networking on dating etc. can make this niche more effective in drawing huge money. I actually have this kind of blog.
  • Consumer Electronics. This topic has become hot discussion topics for many new entrepreneurs. New gadgets, home appliance reviews, mobile phones etc. form main topics.
  • Antiques and valuables. Not a mainstream topics and hence, chances to succeed are high. Letting people know about, buy, sell and exhibit antiques through your blog can attract huge revenues.
4. It must have advertising potential. It means you should find a sufficient amount of advertisers for that topic. But if you are running a non profitable blog it shouldn't matter.

5.  It is better to take in to consideration about the competition. If competition is low there are much more chances for your blog could be in the top in search results. Top ten in search results means more traffic and therefore more income.

If you can't decide a niche for yourself try this free tools to help you get started.
Google Traffic Estimator

That's it! I hope you liked it. But before you start on your first blog I recommend this post

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