Get Rich Quick- It Doesn't Exist!

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Good day friends, today I am going to discuss to you that "get rich quick doesn't exist" unless you won the lottery of course.

If you surf a lot on the Internet you probably heard of advertisements saying "get rich why you sleep" something like that, they are on your Email, blog advertisements, anywhere you can think of, there are a lot of sites claiming you could become rich quick in an instant.  The catch is, you just pay, $5- to $100 to avail their VIP membership, and you just sit there and they will do all the work and booom! you are RICH!

If you fall for these kind of scam, then you must be an idiot! because there is no such thing as easy money, especially on the Internet.  Most of the stuff you see about getting rich online is 99% bogus and will not work.

I have a sample of a get rich quick scam site.

DollarPTR is a scam site, and promises huge bucks for those who will sign up and click on their ads.

If you visit their website you will be amazed of the high paying commission they promises to give you. For free members you will get a $500 DOLLARS sign up bonus! All emails are worth $100 DOLLARS! 50% referral earnings! wow!!! this crap sounds too good to be true. But you have to reach $25,000 to cash out your commissions.

How to spot a scam site? Click here

There is more. If you join their membership and PAY, all of the earnings of a free member will be almost doubled! sounds tempting eh!? No minimum pay outs, free laptops, $200 worth of emails, and $100 DOLLAR PER CLICK on their ads! 

And they guarantee fast and legal payouts... bulls***!! This site has tricked me once, the good thing is, I didn't spend a single cent on this scam site. I have reached their minimum payout but they didn't pay me, I tried to email them but no response. I was such an idiot, hehehe

What is the most effective Ways to earn online?

I am not an Internet marketing guru, but based on my experience for the past three years I can say Blogging is the most effective because it paves way to more income opportunities on the web just like affiliate marketing and selling products. But this is not a get rich quick job! It will take a lot of effort, time, and commitment to finally get what you wanted.

If you wanted to earn on the Internet, you should ignore all of those get rich quick sites, because they are just bogus and a waste of time. Start blogging instead.

Just remember if it is too good to be true then it must be fake

Before you start, I have question... Do you have what it takes to become a blogger?


Have a nice day!


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