The Fastest Way To Have Many Twitter Followers

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fast way to get many twitter followers
Twiends is the fastest way to have many Twitter followers and it is 100% absolutely free! Although you can buy more seeds for more followers, for me it is worth the cost.

What is Twiends?

Twiend’s is a 100% free service that can help you grow your Twitter network. After signing up to the service through your Twitter account you are able to search directories of users’ by interests and geographic location to find new people to follow. In return you are rewarded a number of ‘seeds’ (which the user sets, usually 2-9). These seeds are then offered to the Twiend’s community in return for following you. The number of ‘seeds’ that you offer is determined in your settings.

The Concept behind Twiends.

The basic concept behind Twiends is pretty good. and very simple. You follow someone in return for so many "seeds" (usually between 1 and 9). The seeds that you gain can be used to gain followers. I was very impressed with how fast my follower count grew in just a few hours.


The major drawbacks in Twiends is that when someone follows you, someone  will unfollow you later. But you can use a setting in your account that only those who has low drop rate can follow you, so lesser seeds will be wasted.

Even there are a lot of unfollowers it is still very useful for you to get noticed on Twitter and having a large following gives you, strangely, credibility. People look at you as being influential and known whereas what you are really doing is just trying to punch above you weight.

If you don't have budget on buying more seeds, you can apply to become one of their writers in exchange for 5000- 50,000 seeds and that is a lot! 

Overall, I would say that using Twiends is worthwhile. For a start you can get 10 seeds (at most 5 followers) simply for logging in so if nothing else this is worth doing. It is a good way to get started and let people know you have arrived on the Twitter scene.

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