10 Online Marketing Myths You Should Know

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10 online marketing mythsYou probably have read it or seen on the Internet people making big bucks online. They are earning huge amount of money compared to regular jobs. And that is probably one of the main reason a lot of people are into Online Marketing.

Thousands of people everyday are trying to make money online, but most of them failed miserably  because they know little or none about online marketing.

The talks about becoming a millionaire at home is very promising, in which I will admit is one of the reasons I was attracted to enter Internet Marketing, because I wanted to get rich quick. But I was wrong, I did a lot of mistakes, got scammed, wasted my time a lot. On the brighter side it was a learning experience and maybe a blessing in disguise. My past failures will be my weapon to avoid future mistakes.

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Even though it was just an accident that lead me here, I learned how to love this kind of hobby. And now it makes money, still small but it doesn't matter, having fun is my main reasons of doing it.

Now, I will share you my 10 online marketing myths.

Myth#1. Online marketing is EASY.

This is the biggest myth of all. Most of my past article I always stated and repeated that this is not easy. Becoming successful online takes a lot of hard work, patience, strategic thinking, commitment and a bit of luck.

Myth#2. Anyone can make money online.

This is absolutely untrue! This is not for everyone, lazy people are not allowed in here. If you hate reading, this is not for you, if you don't want to learn everyday then don't do it.

Myth#3. Doing online marketing is free.

There are many freebies on the Internet which will help you get started. The freebies could be free blogging service, free SEO optimization  free templates etc. But serious online marketers spend a lot of money on advertisements, SEO service, site domain, blog templates, and more. You will also spend money on Internet connection and electricity.

Myth#4. You can "GET RICH QUICK" on the Internet.

There is no such thing as getting rich quick. These kind of marketing strategies are often used by scam sites, don't fall for it.
"Nothing beats hard work and manual labor"- God (Morgan Freeman) in Bruce Almighty

Myth#5. Working online is expensive.

The truth is, its the other way around. If you want to enter online marketing there are a lot of free stuff and resources you can get on the net You can also look for free seminars online. The only investment you need is time, and a lot of effort.

Myth#6. Its TOO LATE to start an online business.

I was like that before, and said to myself " its too late now, I should have done this 10 years ago, too many competitions, the Internet changes all the time, I should have this and that, etc..."

The truth is, it is never too late to start a business on the Internet. Based on statistics more and more people are into online shopping, and also more and more people are into online services. Why worry about competitions, the Internet is for everyone. If you are persistent to succeed, I am sure you will find ways to beat your competitors.

Myth#7. You will have a LOT of time working at home.

I believe in this 3 years ago, but it is actually a not true!. Doing an online business is hard work, even you are at the comfort of your own home, you will still have a hard time doing other stuff like watching TV. Unless if you are not that serious, I guess you have a lot of time.

In my situation I spend about 5- 8 hours a day on the Internet. Most of the time were spent reading, learning, and brainstorming, the other is for writing.

Myth# 8. Having a professional design is not important.

The truth is, design is very important. If you are serious about creating a brand name, you should put a professionals touch on your website. Ugly looking sites cannot attract potential customers, a sites design is what he see first if it is interesting or not.

Myth# 9. Saturated niches are no longer profitable.

This is only true if you do not know what you are doing.

Lets put it this way, why is a lot of people are still into the fast food industry where it is already saturated by big fast food chains? why do you compete even if you know that field is already saturated?

The main reason is probably, because it is STILL profitable!. Even you know you are competing against big and established brands, you know that you could still make a profit out of it. A good business man sees competition as spark to improve its service.

Myth#10. If you build it, they will come.

Do you know if you build a website, and don't tell anyone about it? Nothing will happen. But If you do something, something will happen.

Promoting and letting people know you exist online is very important in online marketing. That is why we need to learn how to use social networking sites and SEO for you to be visible on the Internet.

Another effective way is through paid advertising, yes it costs money, because if you are really serious about it, then spend time and money because it is STILL business.

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  1. This blog is quite interesting and provides useful information regarding online marketing myths. It is true that online marketing is result oriented but you need to learn different strategies and try to apply it in proper manner.
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    1. Hi Cedric thanks for the comment.

  2. The internet is important part of internet marketing. With the help of internet we can get any kind of marketing information. Web development is really helpful to make business important when you are intending to create an online presence.

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  3. What a way to clear things up! Thinking that online marketing is easy is delusional, but I think this only applies on the first stages of activity. There’s a lot of research involved (intense research, I might add), and it takes a lot of promotion and waiting to generate enough traffic. After you’ve built good enough of traffic, this is the time where it gets easier. BUT, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work anymore. You have to continually track your statistics, and of course, provide content to your audience.

    Bryan Douglas

    1. Exactly, People often mistaken Internet marketing as an easy job. It is, when you finally established your site and has a lot of traffic.


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