Factors of SEO

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In Business you need customers to make money, in Showbiz you need a lot of fans to make money, and in blogging you need a lot of visitors to make lots of money. In short you need to be seen, known by potential clients and customers.

factors of seo

Blogging is the same with business, showbiz and even politics, you need to advertise, to market your product or service.

In blogging, you can do this through SEO or search engine optimization.

What is it?

SEO is simply finding ways to increase your sites appearance in web visitors' search engine. This will help to have a lot of traffics on your website.

Technology is constantly changing and so is SEO. Here are some of the factors of SEO.
  1. Blog Submission
  2. Classified submission
  3. Creating Promotional pages on hubpages, squidoo, etc
  4. Face Book and Twitter Marketing
  5. Integration of page bookmarking tools
  6. Integration of page sharing tools
  7. Paid Submission
  8. Photo Sharing
  9. PPT Submission
  10. Press Release
  11. Product Indexing on Google Base
  12. Rss Feeds
  13. Social Bookmarking
  14. Video Submission
  15. Content Writing & Optimization
  16. Article Writing
  17. Blog Writing
  18. Content Modification
  19. Press Release Writing
  20. Thematically Optimization of content pages
  21. Website content writing through Latent Semantic Indexing
  22. Website Spell Check
  23. XML Site Map Creation & Submission
  24. SE Saturation Checking ( Google, Yahoo & Bing)
  25. Log file analysis
  26. Google, Yahoo & Bing Site Map Creation
  27. Google Analytics Funnel Creation
  28. Google Analytics Account Setup
  29. Deep Indexing Recommendations
  30. Checking server response code for each URL
  31. Check Search Engine Road Blocks
  32. Check PR of each url
  33. Website analysis
  34. Keyword Research
  35. Adding Emphasis with Header Tags
  36. Adding Emphasis with Tail Tags
  37. Bold, Italic effect to main keywords
  38. Canonicalization
  39. Competition Analysis
  40. CSS Validation
  41. Google Base Feeds
  42. H Tags Optimization (Eg: H1, H2, H3)
  43. Header Tag Optimization
  44. HTML Code Clean Up & Optimization
  45. Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  46. In depth site Analysis
  47. Link Validation
  48. Meta Description Tags Optimization
  49. Meta Keywords Tags Optimization
  50. Navigation & Design Optimization
  51. PR Sculpting
  52. Robots.txt Optimization
  53. Text Modification Tags Optimization
  54. Title Tag Optimization
  55. URL Rewrite
  56. W3C Validation
  57. Working on HTML Source Code
  58. Link Development
  59. Authoritative Submissions
  60. Broken Links Checking
  61. Directory Submissions
  62. Extraction of Site Url’s ( Link Level Depth)
  63. Internal Link Structuring
  64. Link Building ( Link Bait )
  65. Manual Link Request to Related Sites
  66. One way link (PR4 or Greater)
  67. Site Back-links count
  68. Local Search Engine Optimization
  69. Custom Review Submission
  70. h card Integration
  71. Local Search Engine Submission
  72. Testimonial Submission
  73. Updating pages for local searches
  74. Website Usability & Conversion
  75. Bing Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
  76. Google Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
  77. Installing Usability Tools on Website
  78. Monthly Website Conversion Tracking
  79. Optimization for Multiple Browsers
  80. Article Submission
  81. Blog Comment on Relevant Blogs
  82. Blog Designing for the website

[image: click-conversion.com]

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others". -Ayn Rand-

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  1. These are some of the list of what you normally do with SEO. I think it is wise of you have broken down it into two categories namely onpage and offpage

  2. In short you need to be seen, web design Kansas city known by potential clients and customers.


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