Is blogging right for you?

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Before you start a career in blogging, determine first if it is right for you to ensure success in the future and have a great experience doing it. Doing something unprepared may cause you to get bored and quit.

Here are some questions you need to answer first for you to find out if you have what it takes to become a blogger.

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Do you like to write?

Everyone can write, but does writing comes naturally to you, do you love to write? If not, then blogging might not be for you. A successful blog requires frequent, meaningful updates, responding to readers comments, leaving comments to other blogs, and consistently building relation to readers and bloggers alike. Writing prolifically will be your key to be a successful blogger.

Do you Enjoy Spending Time on the Net?

To become successful blogging you need a large amount of time for surfing the net. When you are done posting, you also need to promote your blog, visiting and reading other blogs and websites, staying up to date with the latest news and issues related to your blog topic, you research more to become very skilled on what you are blogging about. 

To make things short, you must enjoy reading, researching and spending time in your computer, this may sound like a geek but you must do it, you can party later when you are done. 

Are you always willing to Learn?

Just like the saying the only constant in this world is "change", and in technology there is always change. An attitude that is always willing to learn is what exactly you need to survive and be a successful blogger. If you are not willing to learn, then blogging might not be for you. Technology and the Internet is always changing, even the most successful bloggers and IT experts are still learning their craft to enhance their skills so they wont be left behind.

Are you passionate about your blog's topic?

To be successful in blogging, you must be passionate or an expert on what you are writing about. If you are not fully interested on that topic, you will have a hard time posting meaningful articles. Choose a topic that you love doing and you will never have a hard time posting articles

Are you committed to Blogging? 

Just like any other profession, commitment will always be needed to be successful. Committing to blogging means you have to spend a lot of time, effort, self- discipline and self- motivation.

Are you comfortable publicizing your thoughts, opinions, and Ideas, Are you prepared for critcism?

As a blogger, you are publishing your opinions to the entire online community. It is possible to be an anonymous blogger, but you won't be successful if you want it that way. Blogging attracts readers and readers are people, and these people wants to know who is behind these articles so they could say thank you or share their opinions to you. Because you share your identity online, most bloggers are exposed to negative responses and criticism, if you cant handle responses like that, then blogging might not be for you.

Are you willing to take risks?

In blogging, you always be willing to try new things to enhance and promote your blog. Taking risks is always a good way to know if what you are doing works or not. Just try experimenting, I always do that. 

If your answer is all "yes" then blogging is right for you.

If you have a "no" as an answer, I suggest you work on that and try to overcome those weakness.

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  1. It helps that you are passionate about blogging and the other part is that you are also willing to learn along the way.

    1. exactly! blogging is about learning also. Technology changes every time, if you are not willing to learn you will be left behind

  2. formost, dapat may passion ka for writing and availability is plus too.

    1. Yes, if you love to write it will be a plus! but not all bloggers are writers, some of them hire people to do their work, that is why sites like oDesk and exist, if you have the right budget of course :-)

  3. Good and solid advice :) Thumbs-up from me :)

  4. Passion to learn and to share what you see online is one of keys why I'm blogging


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