10 Ways to make money for teens

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As a teen we rely money on our parents and usually they only give us just enough for snacks and for playing 1 hour of dota. But with high prices increasing high we need more bucks than just for snacks.

The good news is, there are more ways for teenagers to make money. Aside from the common jobs like working in McDonalds, cutting your neighbors grass, or baby sitting. We now have alternative jobs for teenagers which are will generate more bucks. And maybe who knows, it may be the first step of a potential entrepreneurial career.

Here are my 10 ways for teens to make money.

1. Sell stuff online

If you have some old stuff like toys or rare trading cards, you can sell them online like ebay or Amazon. For teens to be successful selling online, you need the right strategy. Buy stuff at low cost and you can always sell them higher to earn large profit.

2. Give Lessons

Are you good in Math, Science or have a hands just like Jimmy Hendrix? then giving tutors and lessons is good for you. Many parents will pay you for your lessons because it costs cheaper than professionals.

3. Design a logo

I remember when I was a little kid I was very good at designing logos, till I get older I don't  know how to do it anymore. Teenagers are known for their creativity, they love experimenting with colors and creating cool and unique designs. But first they need to know how to use photoshop, it is not hard it is just like learning how to play dota, at first complicated but very easy when you get the hang of it.

These sites will buys professionally designed logo

4. Make money blogging

This could be hard for some teens but I know a 13 year old who is now a very successful blogger. His site is carlocab.com the kidblogger, read his story it relates to most teenagers today.

Instead of playing online games on facebook or dota, why not blog something that you like and passionate about. Teens has a lot of youthful ideas, and they will have fun designing their website. But in order to make bucks, you will need a lot of hard work and patience. Just make sure you have what is takes to blog. Use Google Adsense as the main way to earn on your blog. It is very effective especially for new bloggers.

5.  Make money with paid to click programs

PTC or paid to click websites are very easy, your job is to click as much as many ads as you can. Rates depend on different websites. Just be careful, there are a lot of scam sites, that lets you invest some money to increase your rates per click. And if they give you a dollar or more per click, then it must be a scam site.

6. Make money with online surveys

Surveys are easy, its like taking an exam but it has no wrong or right. If you are interested visit Paid viewpoint, it is a legit site that actually pays who joins and takes their surveys.

7. Make money writing

Some teenagers faces some problems when they start blogging, one of them is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Due to lack of SEO they are unable to attract a lot of audience and the main reason why they don't earn money with their blog. But, there are sites that pays for each article you submit, they have high SEO so traffic is not a problem.

Here are some of them

8. Make money answering questions

webanswers.com is the most reliable and dedicated place for teenagers to make extra money by answering questions. Teens can select specific question categories and can give desirable answers. If the asker thinks that your answers are perfect enough then you will be paid for answering. Looks pretty simply, requires less hard work and gives perfect results its worth trying.

9. Make money with Twitter

If you have a ton of followers on twitter but you don't need them anymore, you can try selling them. Check this website, it tells how much worth your twitter account is whatsmytwitteraccountworth.com.

10. Save as much as possible. 

When we were teens we have this student allowance, we use it to buy pen, papers or snacks. But once we enter high school, we started to spend it on other not so important things, like we learn how to gamble, drink, smoke, the growing up rituals :-). We sometimes spend them on girls, we love to empress them by buying them flowers taking them on a date.

Just remember, a penny saved is a penny earned. Cut down on unnecessary spending, and you will have more money as a result. It is difficult to make even 10% on any investment, but if you can stock away even 20% of the money you have, you will have a guaranteed 20%. Always pay yourself first.

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