Marketing is King in Blogging

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Do you spend a lot of time creating quality articles? Do you have posts that you feel will become viral and trending in the blogosphere. But, even you put your heart and soul to your writing, nobody seems to care. And it depresses you and even quit writing because nobody gives a sh*t about what you are doing.

I have been reading a lot of blogs for the past 3 years, I found some blogs worth reading but it seems nobody knows it existed. I also compares and check their alexa ranks.

To my surprise there are high quality blogs that ranks very low and their are some ugly looking blogs with high alexa ranks but with poor quality contents. There are even blogs having tons of visitors even if it is only made by copy and pasting articles from different websites.

And I said to myself I though quality is King!?

Yeah quality is very important, but it should not be on your priority number 1 list when it comes to blogging. To become successful on the internet, we should do what just like business men do. Focusing on marketing!

Marketing is King! but why marketing?

Lets make it simple. I have cases here

1. Mcdonalds vs Kandingan ni Apo Lakay.

Everyone knows Mcdonalds as the number 1 fast food chain in the world. They are known for their burgers and fries. When we ask a kid what is Mcdonalds he or she already knows what it is about. And how about Kandingan ni Apo lakay, have anyone heard of it before, I think none.

But when it comes to tasting food, KnAL tops Mcdonalds, you bet! their caldereta is far superior than those expensive burgers from Mcdonalds.

Why Mcdonalds beat everyone in the fast food business? it is plain simple, ADVERTISING!

2. Coca Cola vs Pepsi.

Ever since the 1970's, Pepsi have this "Pepsi Challenge" where they put two empty cups with Pepsi and the other cup is Coke. They do it on malls for bystanders to taste.

And the winner... is Pepsi

But why Coke is number 1, its because of ADVERTISING!

One of the advertising success of Coca Cola is using Santa as the model for their ad campaign and it was very successful, because everyone knows Santa Clause, if he drinks Coke then everyone will too.

Pepsi had some advertising success by using artists like Britnery Spears for ad commercial, but lets face it, Santa is still more popular than Britney.

3. My first blog vs this blog.

When I first started blogging, I don't know what is quality content, the only thing I know is you design a blog and then you promote it, and that's exactly what I did.

During my first year blogging it was experimental, but educational. I did a lot of promoting on my blog to many traffic exchange sites like trafficadbar and, exchanging links, joining forums etc. And the result was superb, it increases my alexa rank by 870% in just 2 months. It has high ranking but only about 4 out of 10 quality written article, and it has no specific niche.

Now, what about this new blog site. It is still kinda new and has a specific niche but still low on rankings, mainly because I haven't done any marketing strategy for the past 2 months. I did that on purpose to see if quality alone can climb you to the top of the blogging world.

It is like an experiment on which is king, quality or advertising. Based on my experience on my two different blogs, I say MARKETING is KING!

Content is just a part of Marketing.

So in conclusion, skills are not necessary for a successful blogging career. You just need to learn how to market yourselves.

Just like the iPhone, based on experts it is not the best phone available in the market today. But why it sells a lot even if it is expensive compared to cheaper yet more practical phones, it is because of ADVERTISING! you bet!

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  1. Marketing your blog certainly helps. The problem is where to market that isn't saturated already of other people marketing them selves. Like FB,twitter G+ ect...

    I find they provide a great backlink but not all that great for traffic because everybody else is trying to market there work.

    Most of my traffic comes from Google and other search engines very little from referral sites.

    What sucks fresh content is King if you don't update your content or add post to your blog. Your earnings and traffic starts to drop very fast.

    Why do you think wikihow does so well they are constantly updated and edited with new content and images?
    Great Post!

    1. Yeah you are right, updating is really important. wikihow and wikipedia are very consistent in updating their articles they have a lot of guys that could do the work.

      In blogging, usually only one person is doing all the work, that is probably one of the reasons why some blogs are not updated and guest post is really necessary.

  2. Content is most definitely king. Marketing is Queen. You cannot get people to find you if you can't market, but if you don't have quality, then nobody will care to come back, or read anything more than what brought them, or click on your ads.

    1. great point! marketing is queen :-)I guess those two things are the heart and soul in blogging


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