My 5 Deadly Blogger Mistakes

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It has been 3 years since I became active online and been blogging for almost 2 years, yet I am still very new to this blogging kind of stuff and yes I am a newbie. Because I was such a moron I did a LOT of blogging mistakes which I am going to share today .

The first year was fun, because it wasn't that complicated, all I did was have fun blogging and I didn't even know you could make money out of it. Then I decided to make it a full time hobby, and try to increase my ranks and traffic.

Blogging is like an online game to me, I want to level up as much as possible and surpass other bloggers like me. But instead of climbing to the top I started loosing traffic, and rankings because I made some mistakes and I was too lazy to do all those stuff that could boost my traffic and rank.

This is my confession, and this is my deadly blogger mistakes.

Mistake #1.  I Have No Goal

This is the first of my blogging mistake I noticed, I was such an airhead I did blog for no purpose, no goal, I just sat on the computer, post some stuff and leave it. Having a goal is one of the most important thing you should keep in mind and ask these questions to yourself first.

why do I want to blog?
what is my purpose? fame? money? fun?

Mistake #2.  No Promotion

At first I thought, when you start blogging you just write and leave it there, wrong! what is the purpose of blogging if you don't have any readers. If you see my very first blog design most people would probably laugh at it because it sucks and has no social sharing buttons in which you cannot share your post to any social networking sites.

Promotion should be a routine when you are done writing. Share your latest post on your friends, family, use sites like facebook and twitter for spreading your post like a virus.

Mistake #3. Writing for Myself

I did make blogging a diary before. I posted some nonsense stuff like, what is my favorite movie, actors, why I hate this and that and the result was dismal, I didn't have any comments, page view is so low in short nobody gives a crap about my diary.

My life isn't actually boring, but who cares about an average Joe who blogs just about anything that enters his mind. Lets face it, readers come to your site to be entertained or learn something new, they don't care about your whining, how crappy your life is, or why your boyfriend dumps you.

If you want to be a successful blogger always keep in mind of what the readers might like and think only a little about yourself. Your beliefs and opinions should be minimized and not be prioritized in all of your article.

Mistake #4. I Didn't Purchase a Hosting Service

Yes, I admit! I still keep the "" on my domain name because of that I still suck. As an unemployed blogger, I don't have that much resources spending on my hobbies, including blogging. Actually I want to purchase a hosting service maybe next year. I found some sites that offer a very cheap web hosting in which I can actually afford.

But before I remove the "" I need to save money for buying a new laptop, the one I am currently using is made in Germany and I have trouble with its settings and keyboard, it is also very slow.

Every blogger or website owner should have its own domain name, is really good for newbies like me because it is free, but it still owned by Google. Disadvantage of not having your own domain name is that, Google can delete your blog anytime if they want to.

Mistake #5. My Mind on the Money

This deadly mistake almost make me quit blogging. Since the day I learned how to make money with Google's Adsense, I get so impatient, I was so eager getting my first paycheck. I often check my daily earnings, and when I see it didn't grow I almost quit blogging because some devil just entered my head and start whispering that I don't have what it takes to succeed.

But after almost 5 months quitting, I finally realized that I love doing it, I miss writing, I miss answering comments and emails. My reason for blogging is NOT to make money, it is about learning and sharing what you learned, back to your readers. Because of those blogger mistakes FH2M was born last October, my main reason is to tell the readers that making money online is not easy as it looks.

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