5 ways to make a living on MMORPG games

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Money is needed for almost anything, and even on the virtual world a virtual currency does exist which involves real money. MMORPG has become one of the most successful online game genre today, games like world of warcraft, Ragnarok and Diablo III are still being played by millions of gamers.

Most of you probably doesn't know, but there are these so´-called "pro gamers", they are celebrities on the gaming world, they earn a living by just playing online games, mostly MMORPG, some of them are sponsored by big companies and compete on world cyber games. They are like the athletes of online gaming competition, sometimes they represent their own countries.

Besides earning money on cyber games competition there is more. Lets turn your online game hobby into money! here are 5 ways to make a living on MMORPG games .

1. Blogging about your chosen online games. 

Create a how to guide, item guides for beginners and tricks, this will surely make you money. If you are good in a game just like DoTA, create some new strategies, hero reviews and item combinations. After you established a blog, then apply for Adsense to make extra income.

2. Affiliate Programs. 

If you are a successful blogger/gamer then these techniques will surely make you earn more money. Affiliate programs are one of the best way to make money especially if you are into blogging. If you are a publisher on gaming then try these sites, it will surely help you make more bucks.

3. Account selling. 

If you are bored with your character, then you should sell it to make money. Sell your account to those gamers that doesn't have the time to grind levels, reputation and/or farm mobs, leveling/gearing and such. I know some guys actually make a living selling their accounts, but they are priced based on how bad ass your character is, the more it kicks butts with insane items the higher its price.

4. Power leveling services. 

Back then when I was an addict online gamer, I usually offer this kind of service. Some people do spend most of their waking lives playing games and some spend most of their time leveling characters that are not their own. 

5. Gold, item farming. 

Grind tons of mobs, run countless dungeons, and raid instances for gold and items. With tons of MMO's out there that focus on leveling and gear for progression, a trend has risen to be efficient in making money from games.

Here are some gold sellers for various MMORPG.

[image: gameogre.com]

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  1. It feels sketchy to know these kinds of ways to make off of MMORPGs. But I like them anyways.

    1. Have you tried some of it before? Is your blog about gaming

  2. I always liked the old rumor that people in prison in certain countries are forced to gold farm on MMOs. I know if I was still playing MMOs, I'd be out writing articles about the experiences for as many sites as I could. Would be a great Niche.

    1. farming golds in prison? I never heard of it before. Yeah it would be a cool niche, you could title it the "dirty secrets of MMO" or the "online gaming syndicate" something like that :d

  3. very nice post it's great to make money doing something you love Emitez Blog make money online and more

    1. Indeed, that what is blogging is all about, do something you are passionate and share it to the world

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