Why your business needs a website

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why your small business needs a websiteA lot of people are now buying and selling online, the internet has now become a marketplace and if you are a business man you should ride the wave and don't be left behind. Today I will share why your small business needs a website and its advantages. A business without a website is a loosing business, if you want success you got to adopt to changes, today is the information age where people are mostly online, if your customers are on the internet your shop should also. Building a website is not that expensive, in fact it is cheaper than hiring some support call center agents.

Here are the advantages of having a website for your business

1. Saves money

Compared to other marketing strategy like posting on magazines or in the newspaper, a website is cheaper to make. You will probably spend about $100 depending on the design. A website has unlimited marketing potential, combining it with blogs will help to increase your audience and customers.

2. Improves customer service

Customers are mostly searching and shopping online these days, if you don't have a professionally made website your customers might go to your competitors which have a website. Customers want to know more about the product and the company before purchasing, by putting a FAQ on your site it will improve customer service because all of their questions can already be answered on your site. Product info's, about the company, all of the information can be put to one on a website, this will save time answering emails and calls.

3. Huge marketing potential

Most entrepreneurs don't have a website, their business only survives in friends and customers referrals. By having a website for your small business it will gain audience, not only locally but also internationally. You should advertise your brand online because it is cheaper compared to advertising on TV.

4. A medium to showcase your service

This is also good to show your clients about your service. By providing demonstrations and trusted testimonials you are showing potentials customers of what they can expect from your brand. Add a gallery or a portfolio, you can empress your audience using a website.

5. It saves time

Giving information to your customers takes time. If you put all info's on your website it will saves time explaining about this and that. No more brochures, phone calls, or face to face meeting just to discuss business. Once you have a website it saves time, and time is MONEY.

6. Easy to access for customers

Compared to phone support, a website is accessible 24/7. A customer no longer needs to dial those long telephone numbers all they need to do is use the internet and type in your website's business URL.

More advantages of having a website

  • It easier to network with other products related to your service. E- marketing improves are more people are online everyday. 
  • It presents useful information to your customers 
  • If your business is using other forms of advertising like billboards, putting your websites URL on the billboard will definitely increase potential customers. 
  • Its service is continuous and you can update as much as you want. Services and products can be described in great detail without consumers feeling the pressure and anxiety created from talking to a live representative. 
  • A website does not strictly have to revolve around direct advertising. A site can showcase industry news, provide insight, and tell of a companys internal affairs to make the business more noticeable to the public.

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