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I think it was April of this year that a friend talked to me about a job online, he refers to me at oDesk.com. At first I was excited, because there a lot of job offer online, I said to myself " these jobs seems easy, I can do it!". After applying for different jobs like typing and writing, none seems to be interested in me. I reapplied again and again, but no luck.

I think I am qualified for most jobs, but what did I do wrong?

Lately I learned that most companies are looking for experienced and reputed freelancers. They want veterans with at least 100 oDesk hours.

So unfair, what about those new contractors. How can we get our first job?

At first I though it was easy getting a job in there. But before you get hired, you need to show your skills, talents, the commitment to work, because it is a competition out there. It is like American Idol, you show people you can sing, then judges will give you a feedback and the American people will decide who gets the title or who goes home.

After writing my previous article, I decided to give oDesk a shot once again, followed all the necessary requirements, and read all the tips. Then, I got an email that they approved my application to become one of their writers! Oh yeah, one point! I got hired for the first time.

If  you are a new freelancer, I got here tips to get your first job at oDesk.

  • Complete your Profile and Make it Interesting. Completing your profile carefully will maybe took you two hours. If you are having trouble how to do it, you can always look at other successful freelancers profile. Just don't try copying their profile details.
  • Take many oDesk skill test as much as possible. If you logged in into your account, you can see a skill test provided, and take as many as you can and make sure you have a high score. A high score on skill tests attracts employers, believe me.
  • Make portfolio samples for every service you offered in your skill or objective section. You should upload screenshots or PDFs of your work example link, name them as your service you focused in. Also please write a short but informative description for each.
  • Do not overcharge. As the new kid on the block you should not overcharge because you haven't proved anything yet about your service. No employers will give you $20 per hour if you are a newbie. For starters, $1 per hour will do, you can increase your talent fee later on, but make sure your price is very reasonable for the job if you're going to increase it.
  • Choose and bid jobs that is best for you. If you don't know a job offer, don't bid for it. Choose jobs that you are good at. Also, do not bid on random jobs because many clients may think that you are not serious with your job application.
  • A blog will help. If you are into writing, then having a blog might help you to get hired. Make sure it is in your profile, show your clients you can write by putting the link of your blog on your profile.
  • Time is gold. For employers it is very important that you can reply to them immediately. If you can check your email anytime then do it. Being quick to response is a plus factor for you to get hired.
  • Always analyze the job description on which you are going to bid. Make sure you fully understood the job you are bidding. Knowing the job description will give you a hint on what are you going to do. 
  • Write your cover letter as project requirements. Always, you should read full project description and then make your cover letter as required information for this project. Never write a duplicated or common cover latter which does not describe these jobs instructions but your skill. Clients see what you've written about his project and are you able to understand the job or not.
Experienced and Skilled contractors were once beginners just like you. So don't feel left behind, because everyday, there are a lot of newbies getting their first job and these tips just might help.

If you get hired on oDesk please tell me, and if you are a veteran kindly share me your secrets and I will share it to others who just might need help.


Have a great day!

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  1. Great tips. The beginning is always the hardest.


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