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Get Paid Beta Testing GamesIf you love gaming, you should try beta testing games. It may sound so easy but it isn't. Beta testing games is completely different from playing games for fun, this time you do it professionally.

You become part of the testing cycle where your job is to find glitches, and bugs, before the game actually releases. As a beta tester you cannot choose what game you were be playing, you have to be flexible and ready for any game that is being given to you.

Here are some tips on how to be a beta tester for games.

1. Prepare to work hard. For those who can't survive starring at and playing at the TV for more the 80 hours a week should not apply to this job. Beta testers spends a lot of time playing just like a common job.

2. Learn how to write clear report. Your report will be very important to the game, even the smallest error or bug should be written in the report. Game designers will expect a well written report with structure and clarity.

3. Avoid distractions. While working, do not use your cellphone or do anything that could distract you. You need to stay focus because you might miss some glitches on the games you are playing and that could hurt you when you report to the game developer.

4. Be a gamer. Being a gamer at first will help you a lot on getting the job done. You should be familiar with a lot of gaming platforms like Playstation 3, wii, or Xbox 360. The more consoles you know the more games you will be testing so you won't ran out of job.

Note: The demand for this job is higher than its openings and that is why there are scam sites that takes advantage on job seekers. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed by fake beta testing job sites.
  • Never pay for a job or job list.
  • Never pay for a subscription to get the job.
  • Check the background if they are involve on some of the big company in the gaming industry like Electronic Arts or Squaresoft.
  • Do they have customer support or a phone number?
Despite  this, there are short courses you can purchase to learn the basic of beta testing. This is necessary to acquire higher positions on the job.

Be a beta tester visit:

Powerup Games

Last tip: If you are very updated on a lot of games, you can see advertisements displaying new games under beta test. Join that game and try to apply and negotiate with the developer that you are applying as a professional beta tester, a work experience and portfolio will be a plus point, otherwise they will just let you beta test the game for free.

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  1. Do you really have to be at the place to test their games or can you do them from your home?

  2. @Abdul

    I think it is both. If you are a beta tester directly hired by gaming company just like EA, you test their games on their office but sometimes you need to take the game home with you, its like a homework, then go back to the office and send them your report.

    Most of the beta testers doing it from home are freelancers, you can find them on sites like oDesk. There is also an account for gaming for call center agents where you test the games at home.


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