Earn Money Through Mobile Advertising

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Today I will open up a new category here in bloggerpreneur, its about earning money through mobile advertising. I decided to make articles regarding to this topic because I believe mobile advertising will be the next big thing in advertising and marketing.
Earn Money Through Mobile Advertising


Now let me introduce to you to Admob, one of the worlds largest mobile advertising network. Founded by Internet Guro and Entrepreneur Omar Hamoui on 2006, Admob was created to enable mobile web business.

With this program, internet marketers can pay conveniently and make sure that their services and products are advertised through numerous sites and mobile apps. For mobile site and application owners you can earn money when you display their ads.

Admob is like your usual PPC (pay per click) programs, publishers earn a portion of the revenue when someone clicks on the ads provided by the advertisers. The only difference is that these ads are displayed on mobile phone apps, mobile sites and iPhones.

One of the best features of Admob is that it choreographs the location of ads on the sites. The program also ensures the frequency of ads being displayed on how much the merchant is willing to pay.

The type of advertisement displayed on this program are typically text ads, application display ads, web display ads, and search engine ads. Using this outstanding marketing program, application programmers and business owners can easily promote their brand online to their targeted and potential customers.

Currently AdMob is now owned by Google, they purchased the program for $750 million. It only shows that this will be the next big thing in mobile advertising.

Because of its innovation, AdMob has gained outstanding reputation from mobile site and apps owners. It is a must have for merchants and business owner.

If you have a smartphone or an android phone, then start earning money through mobile advertising and visit AdMob and learn how to get started.

Take advantage of the mobile trend and turn your blog into a mobile site in just 3 minutes visit Ginwiz for more details. 

[source: www.fillmind.com]

Have you tried this program? let me hear it from you.

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