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Google Adsense is probably the most effective way to earn for publishers and webmasters online. They earn when a visitors clicks on an ads which he or she thinks will be useful to him/her. Before Google accepts your site, you got to make your site adsense ready. If you still don't have adsense as a way to make money for your site click here.

There are people claiming they can cheat the system.

To earn faster, is one of the reasons there are a lot of people risks their Google Adsense account from being banned to do some dirty tricks.

There’s one thing you must know before you start thinking of ways to cheat google – they know already you will try to cheat and they are prepared for you! I never advise people to venture into any kind of dubious adsense revenue boosting scheme as they backfire in most cases.

I have seen in forums claiming they are successful on cheating Google, and these are the techniques they usually use to cheat Google, so avoid them.

1. Basic Clicker

This person is not really that knowledgeable about web technology . They usually click their own ads because most of them have not read the Google Adsense terms and conditions. They are those people looking for help on forums and saying "why Google banned my account? I didn't do anything!?".

2. Proxy Clicker Cheat

These guys knows a bit about the web, IP address and Cookies. To hide their dirty work they use IP hider or Cookie crumbler, to get away from clicking their own ads.

3. Multiple Computer Cheat or Beg to click

They think they are smarter and can get away cheating Google. They don't want to risk clicking on their own ads so they ask their family, friends, neighbors, co- workers to do their dirty work. Even though they think this might work, Google can still detect them, they can track if those clicks came from the same city.

4. Paid Clicker

This person pays a certain amount of money per month to professional Adsense clickers. These are surfers hidden in far countries like China and India, they are paid to click on your ads per minute. They also sign up for the advertisers offers and newsletter just to make it not suspicious.

5. Software Clicker Cheat

These guys are buyers of clickbots. It is a specialized robot software that clicks on Adsense ads. It also browses around your site and click ads every few minutes.

Never use any sort of automated tool to inflate your page views or click on your ads. This is click fraud of the highest order, and Google is very sophisticated at catching this. This is a trick that can easily get you banned.

Likewise, don't use human-powered schemes to pay for clicks, either. No trading clicks with other AdSense users, and no pay-for-clicking schemes. If advertisers wanted to pay people for clicking, they would have signed up for it themselves.

6. The Visitor Cheat

These cheat is very old, all you have to do is put on "visit our sponsor" or "click our ads" near your adsense ads. Tricking visitors to click on your ads are not allowed by Google.

7. Using Other Medium Cheat

These cheaters are really good with computers. They create freebies like toolbars or firefox extension free to download. Of course their adsense ads are hidden in the click so they could benefit from your downloads and clicks.

8. Spamming

One of the oldest trick in the book. This kind of cheater will spam your emails. It has titles that are too good to be true just like "earn $100 in an hour, click here to know how" to click on their ads.

9. Don't Tell People How Much you Earn.

Google is very picky about how much you disclose about how AdSense works. They don't let you tell people how much you were paid per keyword, because this could jeopardize revenue from AdWords advertisers. Beware of anyone who offers to sell you this information.

10. CTR cheat

This is the super 'smart' cheater. They know that if the CTR exceeds a certain percentage it raises a red flag with Google. Therefore they design a few pages that will bring in super high traffic like offering freebies. They use these pages to lower their CTR by having more page impressions.

I guess in every job there are always someone who is a cheater. Tricking Google is not a good idea for easy money, they may not be perfect, but I believe they can catch you.

I have been caught once because I didn't read the policy, but thank goodness they lift me from getting banned.If you have a very low earning on adsense, try working on your traffic, it will be a big help.

Google adsense is not a get rich quick scheme, this is just like any other business or job, you have to work very hard to achieve what you desire . If your primary aim for starting a blog is to make money, you will be disappointed in the first few months and abandon the whole dream. It takes some patience and hard work to reach your desired earning level.

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