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One of the most effective way to earn money online is through banner advertising. In this article I will share to you the different ways to use your blog's banner to earn more money. Most bloggers uses this method because it is easy and very effective. If you have a very popular blog, then start saving some ads space and try these different ways to earn money using banner advertising.

#1. Create an "advertise here" page

If you are new to banner advertising I suggest you do this first. You need to create a single page with all the information of your site like, alexa rank, page rank, monthly impressions, etc. Also put a detailed information for your prospect advertiser and what payment method you accept. Direct advertising is good because it will save you money from paying commissions on advertising networks. But you need to pull in a lot of advertisers to become successful doing this method.

#2. Buy sell ads Network

This is one of the most popular ways to earn money through banner advertising. High ranking blogger blogs like mybloggerlab and uses this method. But it only accepts self hosted websites and blogs. Free blog domains are not accepted. The good thing about is there is a lot of advertisers who will pay good money for buying your blog space. Publishers gets 75% of the earnings, the rest goes to them.

 #3. AdvertiseSpace 

If you have no luck of being accepted on try It is an alternative advertising network that accepts almost any type of blogs. It is a good way to make money from banners but you need to have a huge volume of traffic for it to be effective.

#4. BuyAds

If your blog is one of the Internet giants, is for you. Mashable, Tech crunch, Huffington post are just some of the blogging giants that used this site to sell banners. The good thing about this is publishers and advertisers are working directly, will not charge the advertiser a single penny unless the publisher approves it request. It also gives transparency which is cool because you know where your money goes.

#5. BannerPlay

Here is another way to earn more bucks using banner advertising. is good for publishers, advertisers, affiliate marketers and even for  banner designers. The site is not only for buying and selling ads, you can also browse a lot of beautifully designed banners for your ad campaign.


Earning through banner advertising is not that easy, a blog needs to have a specific niche, a good amount of traffic, and consistent article posting. You can experiment with these methods as wish and select which one fits your style.

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