5 Things worth spending your money

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Today I will not teach about blogging or SEO what I am going to share with you are things that are worth spending your money. Since this blog involves topics on making money, I am now going to share how to spend it wisely because money is meant to be spent not to be kept.

Here are the things worth spending your money

1. Your Home. 

This is the place we live, eat and take care of our family. Our home deserves a budget for its repairs and improvements. You don't need to buy those new sofas or the latest flat screen TV, a simple re paint and redecoration of your home will do.

2. Your Car.

I don't have a Car yet, but believe me you will need money to take care of it. I remember when I was small we have this old Mitsubishi galant, it was cool when Dad first bought it but after a few years it got uglier and uglier because my father didn't spend a lot on Car repairs and maintenance until he got tired of the Car and sell it to the junk shop.

There are a lot of benefits on why you spend on your car, one of those is safety, changing your tire occasionally will prevent future accidents. Another important thing is Car insurance. So, if you are planning to buy a Car you should consider a budget for its maintenance.

Cars are like women and relationships, you got to spend for it to work, hehehe

3. Everyday Items.

In our home my everyday items are usually knives and cooking pans because I love to cook and eat but hated washing dishes. Whenever I see a new razor sharp knife on home shopping network I usually bough one, because cheap knifes break and not sharp enough which costs me time preparing food.

Spend on everyday items that are a bit expensive but has a good quality and will last for many years to come.

4. Travel and experience.

Go out to the beach with the whole family once in a month or if you have the right budget go to Disneyland or some theme parks because these experience are material things cannot replace. Experience is very important because its memories lasts forever. A romantic date for your partner is also worth spending. But you don't need to go to expensive places, there is always a cheaper way for everything.

5. You and your Family.

Before you take care of your family you should learn how to love and take care for yourself. Spending on something that will make you feel good will definitely help to have a healthy and happy lifestyle. These are some of the things you need for you and your family.

  • Health budget
  • Education
  • Allowance
  • Personal Stuff
  • Insurance 

Alright! these are my 5 things worth spending your money with, I hope you liked it. How about you, do you have your own lists?

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