How to Spot a Scam Site

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There are many fake websites that offers instant ways to get rich. Most of these scam sites are using reputed companies such as Microsoft.

In 2009 most Americans almost lost $500 million to Internet scams. Many fraudulent sites look very legitimate, with stolen graphics and trademarks, but there are usually telltale signs of a scam. 

In my experience I have been scammed 4 times already (stupid me), I was easily deceived by these websites that offer huge bucks by just clicking. I swear it won't happen to me again.

Here are some of the characteristics of a scam website and how to avoid it.

1.) It is too good to be true. If this websites offer instant ways to get rich, then there is something wrong. There is no job that will make you instant rich, unless you win the lottery.

2.) It has a lot of advertisement and slogans saying you will riding a Ferrari in just months.

3.) You get paid very high. I remember a website that offers 4 dollars per click! And I was into it. When I was about to get my payment, no one replied or emailed me. We all know that getting paid so much a day is not possible.

4.) The testimonials are very convincing. The testimonials sometimes are the only thing that stops the victim from suspecting a scam. They think if some else has done it, so can they.

5.) It has no forum. If that site has no forum then it must be a scam.

6.) There are pictures of people being paid by cheque. The cheque number and the amount are very clear. Sites that are genuine will never risk showing you a cheque of other people's earnings. This is a warning sign of a scam.

7.) It is says "risk free" then you should research more about that website.

8.) It sells expensive electronic gadgets for half the original cost, then it must be a scam.

9.) If you write to the site requesting for further information about the product, they will never send you a reply. Scam sites have very poor customer service skills.

10.) The address and contact details of the website are either a PO Box number or the telephone number is a mobile number.

11.) Check the domain registration of the suspicious website. Sites like allow you to check website ownership information. Scam websites often disguise this information by using privacy services. A recent domain registration date is another sign of a fraudulent site.

Note where you found the website. Many scam websites are publicized through spam emails--unsolicited emails containing offers that seem too good to be true. Be suspicious of any websites linked in these email messages.

If you suspect a website you can go check them at these following websites for review. (recommended)

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