5 ways to make money using your smartphone

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5 ways to make money using your smartphoneDo you have a smartphone? like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Do you want to make money during your spare time using your smartphone?. If yes, then I will share some tips on how to make money using your smartphone.

Usually people uses their cellphones for texting and entertainment, smartphones on the other hand are technically advanced that most cellphones, they are like a laptop in the palm of your hands and when you have a gadget that has almost all of the features of a laptop, then you can make money during your spare time.

Instead of playing Angry birds or temple run, why not make a profit out of your phone. Here are some tips on how to make money using your smartphone.

1. Sell Load.

The Philippines is one of the country that has the most numbers of cellphone users in the world. The country sends and receives more SMS than any other Asian country, each messages sent needs a load and selling load or e-load will help you make a profit using your phone.

You don't need to have store to sell, all you have to do is do all your daily routine, go to your office and let them know you sell load so that they will approach you when they want to buy.

2. Write article or blog.

With a smartphone you can actually write for your blog. Most phones has access to the Internet and you can take advantage of that features of your phone to make money from blogs.

The only disadvantage is that there are websites that are not friendly with smartphones and you can't view them as you view it on a computer. My advice is use it only to write articles not to design your blog because looking at those tiny codes just might hurt your eyes.

3. Take Pictures.

The quality of phone camera is improving. I think someday we won't need professional photographers anymore because anyone can now learn how to shoot their own pictures.

There are magazines, newspaper, and news company that buys exclusive photos. A smartphone is great for that, because you bring it anywhere and when a UFO crashed in front of you, you can take pictures immediately and sell it to the newspaper Peter Parker style!

4. Make money on eBay or other Online Auctions.

When you are just strolling around and you find some garage sale or Ukay ukay then you see some item you liked. You checked its original price online using your phone and then you find out that it is actually expensive than the selling price of the ukay ukay. Buy it! take pictures of it then sell it on eBay or other Online Auctions website.

A smart phone gives you the opportunity to do your research while in the field and even post the item for sale before making it home.

5. Upload videos on you tube.

Editing capabilities of a smartphone on youtube is minimal, but you can actually record and upload videos on you tube.

Upload a video of something that will be viral on the net like a talking dog or a funny monkey, if it receives a lot of views you can make a lot of profit on you tube.

Pros and Cons of Phone Blogging

Pros: The cost is very cheap and you are always on the go. Your job fits inside your pocket and you will have flexibility.

Cons: You can't view everything on a smartphone because of its browser. Applications you are going to use on your blog is limited.

All in all making money on a smartphone is really cool, because you can have all the time you want. I know some professional bloggers that actually uses their smartphone to write their articles and blog and they are successful doing it.

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