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Ahem! Let's start with a little history on how did I become a blogger by accident. It was 2010, while I was playing a browser game called 3 Kingdoms Online, a guild mate of mine sends me a message on how you can make money online. I have followed his instructions and it leads me to those Pay per click sites, but I don't know how to claim my earnings that time so I quit, I never knew Paypal that time. After that I became an amateur traveler/photographer and that started me blogging. 

Blogging is not actually new for me, I was already a web designer since 2003- 2005. I am very good with HTML, dream weaver and all of those old school web developing tools. Blogging is my return to cyberspace and since then I never looked back, because this is what I want to do, I have fun doing it. 

About the Author

My name is Dustin, born in Tacloban but raised in Catbalogan, Philippines. I am a part time blogger, web designer, and rocker. My personal goal as a blogger is to create and design a blog just like Huffingtonpost and the Daily Beast because those two has one of the most bad ass designed blog I have seen, and I would like to create a blog just like that.

I would like to share a few info about me, so if you would like to make friends with yours truly, you might have a clue on what interests me. Here is the things that I love.

  • Pizza! 
  • Girls! cute, cuddly, sexy, charming!
  • Rock Music. Death metal, rock n roll, jazz, reggae, acoustic, power metal, trash metal.
  • Video games
  • Adventure Time & The regular show
  • Anime
  • Nature
About FH2M

From Hobby2Money is the compilation of all of the things I learned about online marketing, blogging, blog design, and Search engine optimization. This blog has been running since October of 2012. Its main goal is to give online money making tips. I choose that topic because I have been there, I got scammed by fake online money making methods. By creating this blog I can help people avoid the mistakes I have done in the past. FH2M's mission is also to share effective basic blogging tips and ethics, how to attract readers and increase your site's rankings.

In the upcoming months, Bloggerpreneur will be providing high quality blogging tutorials for beginners. A complete guide to get you started on the right direction

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