50 Most Expensive Keywords 2012

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In online marketing there are profitable niche than others. Most bloggers income also depends on the keywords they are using.

Let's say you are passionate about ducks and you love to write about them, but the truth is you can't make money blogging about ducks as far as I know.

Pagerank is also a factor for earning huge bucks. If you have a pagerank higher than 4, then google adsense will display high CPC ads on your website.

If you want to know how much advertisers are paying for your ads, use Google adwords keyword tool.

The most expensive keywords on AdWords can also be assumed as the most profitable niches online. Here they are: Next to it is average CPC

Rank     Term                                                            CPC
1           mesothelioma attorney seattle                   $251.24
2           mesothelioma attorney baltimore               $216.24
3           seattle mesothelioma lawyer                      $210.98
4           california asbestos lawyer                          $207.78
5           mesothelioma trial lawyers                        $198.71  
6           arkansas mesothelioma attorney                $197.52
7           illinois lawyer mesothelioma                      $196.11
8           chicago mesothelioma lawyer                     $175.45  
9           philadelphia mesothelioma lawyers            $171.30  
10         louisiana mesothelioma attorney                $168.25
11         mesothelioma personal injury lawyers         $163.69
12         asbestos attorney lawsuit                           $153.91
13         new york mesothelioma attorney                $148.02
14         donations san francisco                               $147.43
15         mesothelioma attorney idaho                      $146.95  
16         mesothelioma attorney new york                $144.22
17         georgia mesothelioma lawyers                     $142.88
18         mesothelioma lawyers california                 $139.15
19         law litigation mesothelioma                         $138.64  
20         louisiana mesothelioma lawyers                  $138.51
21         oklahoma mesothelioma lawyers                  $137.33
22         mesothelioma lawyer                                   $135.34  
23         car donations boston                                    $133.83
24         asbestos lawyers pennsylvania                     $133.41
25         los angeles car accident lawyers                   $129.80
26         car accident lawyers in los angeles               $125.18
27         los angeles mesothelioma attorney               $119.42
28         pennsylvania mesothelioma lawyer             $117.42
29         dallas mesothelioma lawyer                          $117.36
30         mesothelioma cancer help                            $117.17
31         auto accident attorneys orange county         $117.04  
32         donate a car california                                  $116.71  
33         los angeles motorcycle accident attorneys    $116.34
34        illinois asbestos attorneys                            $115.64  
35        car charitable donation organization             $114.72
36        texas mesothelioma attorneys                      $114.52
37        ft lauderdale personal injury lawyers            $112.76  
38        mesothelyoma                                              $112.55
39        ct car donation                                              $111.62
40        mesothelioma settlement                              $111.61
41        san francisco motorcycle accident lawyer      $111.52
42        motorcycle accident lawyer san diego            $111.37
43        fort lauderdale auto accident attorneys         $110.51
44        car donation in massachusetts                      $110.43
45        los angeles injury attorney                           $110.42
46        buyer structured settlement annuity             $110.19  
47        donating a car in california                            $109.89
48        structured settlemen                                     $109.72
49        attorney lawyer mesothelioma                      $109.16  
50        mesothelioma lawyer utah                            $108.65

Note: The more expensive the niche the more competitive the niche. You will have a hard time reaching page 1 on search engine if you build your blog niche under these expensive keywords. 

 I suggest you look for low competition profitable blog niche you can do that by using Google adwords and filter the low competitions keywords and select that are related to your topic.

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  1. Our personal injury and employment lawyers in California provide you with comprehensive detailed case evaluation and clients can pay us only after we win.San Francisco injury lawyer.

    1. its cool but I live in the Philippines :-)

  2. I compiled a list of the most expensive 250+ keywords in Google (along with trend data) here:

    What's interesting is the average cost per click keeps increasing (as we're told we're in a depression of an economy).

  3. Nice list you have. But I have a question... what determines the price of the keyword? For example mesothelioma... why is it very expensive?


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